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Meet The Hosts

Erin Kunkle

Erin Kunkle is the co-founder of MAVEN (www.maventruth.com). She is a speaker and co-host of the MAVEN Parent Podcast. She also co-hosts the Strong Women Podcast for the Colson Center. She received her bachelor’s degree in social science from Biola University and is a veteran homeschooling mom of 14 years. Erin lives in Southern California with her husband, Brett, and their five kids and two granddaughters.


Sarah Stonestreet

Sarah Stonestreet co-hosts the Strong Women Podcast, and is the Colorado Springs Colson Fellows Cohort Director. Sarah delights in the wonder of learning. She particularly enjoys the stories of history, classic literature, global christianity, and theology. As Director of Community Outreach at Saint George’s Anglican Church, she looks for ways to touch the community of Colorado Springs through the local church. Her main job in this season of life is to love and serve her family, which consists of her husband, John, and their four children.


Explore the humanity, value, intellect and creativity of women… as women.

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