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By Brian Brown, Vice President of Programs

God doesn’t just offer us a personal relationship, but a public theology: a sweeping vision of Him, His world, and our place in it—one that gives us purpose and meaning and answers to life’s hardest questions. Far too few Christians today have received this gift.

The Colson Center’s daily and weekly ministries apply that vision to help you remember what is good and true and beautiful in the face of a specific challenge or opportunity. We love doing this because the stories and heroes and truths of the faith give us clarity, confidence, and courage to live like we are God’s people. When Christians are formed to see the world as a Christian, they can live accordingly.

For the Colson Center, the next step in faithfulness to God’s calling is a big one: to build an online public theology education every Christian can access.

This summer, the first course of this project will be released. In it, John Stonestreet will introduce a simple, memorable framework for understanding God’s world and our place in it. This is the same framework used to produce Breakpoint commentaries, Colson Center events, Wilberforce Weekend, and our other podcasts. Over the next few years, other accessible online courses will be released, one after another. You’ll be able to jump into the deeper topics often referenced in church but not always fully explored—or you can start from the beginning and get the catechesis, the formation, every Christian deserves.

What if you had access to dozens of courses like that? Courses that could be watched at your own pace, orienting you in the ecosystem of God’s design, and helping you understand how it all fits together?

That’s the goal my team and I have every day when we come to work. It’s what drives everyone at the Colson Center: what God can do through ordinary people like you and me, when we offer every aspect of our lives in surrender to His work of restoration.


  • The Colson Center is hard at work developing a more foundational learning resource—an online learning platform that can take people deep into 2,000 years of Christian wisdom, and give them a firm foundation for living in this time and place. In the coming months, look for not only more of the timely short courses we’ve offered in the past, but also timeless learning resources that can teach a new generation to be a part of the Kingdom of God.
  • The Colson Center’s public theology teaching will be built on a 4x4x4 framework: four chapters that orient us in God’s story, four relationships that orient us to our place in the world, and four questions to guide how we then live.

“The Colson Center’s daily and weekly ministries apply that vision tohelp you remember what is good and true and beautiful in the faceof a specific challenge or opportunity.”

- Brian Brown, Vice President of Programs

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