Inside the
Writer’s Room

By Heather Peterson, Senior Editor

The meeting feels like many newsrooms. Ideas for stories are flying back and forth, and lively arguments ensue about the best way to write them. One minute there’s intense disagreement like the fate of the world rests on an angle—and the next the room is laughing because somebody’s cracked a joke about one of the writers’ favorite issues. It’d feel familiar to any experienced journalist, with one exception: the question they’re asking. In the Breakpoint writers’ room, there’s only one that ultimately matters:

How can we ensure our listeners see God’s hand at work in all of this?

That question makes for challenging recruiting. Many writers are good journalists and can tell you what’s going on in the world. Others can see evil for what it is and denounce it fearlessly. Some understand Christian theology and can explain it well. All Breakpoint writers possess a sophisticated level of knowledge about each of these things, but their true passion has to be to equip God’s people to serve Him faithfully.

What I love about Breakpoint for the readers is that it’s a habit. Every day, you can hear it on the radio or tap your phone for the podcast. It meets you where you are. You hear a slice of worldview that helps you cut through the noise about today’s cultural trends. Our writers are brilliant at guiding you with warmth and compassion to what is still good and true. And 20 years from now, we want to see the ministry space flooded with Breakpoint alumni who carry that ethos with them into other publications and ministries.

This goal shapes how the Colson Center trains and develops its writers. They are trained in our own framework for understanding the elements of Christian public theology, and how to connect things back to that big picture. They read and discuss books and articles together and have access to an in-house theologian for more personalized learning. They regularly dialogue about reader and listener feedback (Breakpoint’s on-air Q&A segments are a crucial part of the loop).

And all the preparation ultimately works its way back to the writers’ room—where these dedicated people sit down each week to try to achieve their mission: to reveal, for the people we serve, the hand of God at work in the world.



  • Millions of listeners hear Breakpoint daily on over 950 radio stations and affiliate outlets, with tens of thousands more via email and podcast.
  • Breakpoint This Week, the weekly podcast with John and Maria, has a listenership in the top 2% in the country; we’re so grateful to hear how these conversations are equipping listeners to navigate life.


  • Breakpoint is lining up a number of key short courses, with the first launching this fall on The Essential Church: Why The World and Christians Still Need the Church.

“Our calling is to a full-fledged Christianity, in which we can be bearers of goodness and beauty as well as truth. On Breakpoint, we want people to encounter more than arguments. We want them to encounter Christ.”

- Wayne Stender, Breakpoint Producer

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