The Case for Truth

Speakers: Lee Strobel and John Stonestreet

August 4th


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The Case for Truth

We invite you once again to join the Colson Center in northern Michigan for the Third Annual Great Lakes Symposium on Christian Worldview: The Case for Truth. We are excited to announce that this year you have the opportunity to join us on the evening of August 4th at Bay Harbor’s Great Lakes Center for the Arts, or to attend this special event virtually by livestream.In a world where many people deny the existence of truth, learning how to clearly and confidently live out our Christian faith requires that we equip ourselves with a firm grasp of the trustworthiness of the Gospel.


At this year’s Great Lakes Symposium on Christian Worldview, you will hear from John Stonestreet, Lee Strobel and other speakers as they present their respective journeys towards the truth of Christianity. Despite coming from very different backgrounds and being committed to differing worldviews, these speakers, through their own extensive study and research, eventually found themselves convicted by the light of the truth of Christ. As you hear the compelling stories shared by our speakers, you will discover powerful and encouraging insights into how the case for truth can be made—even in a world that is attempting to redefine it. Please join us for this special evening at no cost to you! Thanks to the generosity of local donors, you can attend this symposium entirely free of charge. In-person seating is limited, so reserve your seat today!


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