February 27th | 8 pm ET | Livestream

Breakpoint Forum: The Perils and Promise of Artificial Intelligence

Abdu Murray, Brian Johnson, and Pete Marra

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Faster than anyone could have imagined, artificial intelligence leapt from the fantasies of sci-fi stories to become an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. The chess playing programs of years ago now pale in comparison with the algorithms tethered to our every move, purchase, and click. The rapid pace of this revolution has left us wondering how we can sift the baby and bathwater of our new situation. Just what are we to make of artificial intelligence?

To aid us in understanding, the Colson Center has invited Brian Johnson, an expert in cybersecurity and technology, and Abdu Murray, a seasoned cultural and religious commentator, to take part in our latest Breakpoint Forum. The event will be moderated by Pete Marra, Chief Operating Officer of the Colson Center. Drawing on their extensive study, they will share insights on the dangers and opportunities flowing from these groundbreaking advances.

Breakpoint Forums offer an opportunity for participants to ask questions in a live Q & A format.

Topics to be addressed: 

– What makes AI special?

– Where does AI appear that most people do not notice?

– How close are we to human level AI?

– Is AI morally neutral or even amoral?

– What is the biggest danger posed by AI?

– What is AI’s best present application?

– What are some good guidelines for keeping kids safe from AI?

– How do we discern healthy from dangerous AI work?

– Are we getting dumber as AI gets smarter?

– Are all AI systems the same?