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Shane Morris

The Thrill of Orthodoxy | Trevin Wax

The Thrill of Orthodoxy

Shane welcomes author and North American Mission Board vice president Trevin Wax to guide us through G. K. Chesterton’s most famous book, “Orthodoxy,” and to explain how this masterpiece can reignite the wonder of faith.

What Is Disney Telling Us? with Paul Asay

Upstream and Disney

Shane welcomes Plugged In reviewer Paul Asay to dig into the messages of recent Disney and Pixar animated features, and to figure out where the Mouse House is leading us…and our children.

In Defense of WWJD | A Reflection on the Interview with Thomas Price

 At this point, the “What Would Jesus Do?” slogan seems more at home in a history museum than on a bracelet. This relic of 1990s evangelicalism caught on about the time I was finishing elementary school, and I dutifully joined in the trend and wore the letters in several colors, often to AWANA, until they

Thank God for Mothers

In my chat with Dale Stenberg on the Pilgrim Faith podcast, he asked me to define the family, and how male and female are integral to its design. I said a few things about how men and women uniquely contribute to the functioning and calling of the family, but I want to go into more

God’s “Yes” and Long Fights

Some of my most revealing discussions happen on airplanes, during long flights. They usually begin when the person imprisoned in the seat beside me asks what I do for a living. When I reply that I work for a Christian worldview ministry, I can see the wheels turning. Occasionally, they’ll reply, “Awesome! I’m a Christian,

Dunning-Kruger, Cultural Amnesia, and Tyrannosaurus rex

The Dunning-Kruger effect (famously described by social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger) is the idea that people who know little to nothing about a subject tend to wildly overestimate their competence in that subject. This is because their knowledge is so limited, they lack even the categories to recognize their own ignorance. We see

Why Music Opens Hearts and Minds

 The late Rich Mullins wrote a lot of songs that changed people’s lives and shaped their faith. But one song in particular has a reputation for grabbing the attention of unwary listeners and has even been known to convert souls. In “If I Stand,” Rich sings: “There’s more that rises in the morning than

Growing Old and the Gun Lap

The first few minutes of Pixar’s 2009 smash hit “Up” are unforgettable for a lot of reasons. We were enchanted and moved watching Carl and Ellie develop a friendship as children, which eventually blossomed into a love that led them to the altar and into the fixer-upper house where they met. We see flashes of

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