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How do we converse with those who profoundly disagree with Christianity?

For a donation of any amount this month, receive a copy of Greg Koukl’s newest book, Street Smarts: Using Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges. This book helps equip you both to understand many of the assumptions behind other worldviews while also guiding people towards Christianity as the most logical explanation for all of reality.

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Learn to dialogue with truth and love by asking questions

Does interacting with people who hold other worldviews intimidate you? Do you feel like you have to be an expert or know all the answers to have meaningful conversations? Maybe you’ve brought Christianity into a conversation only to be met with daunting questions or dismissive claims. You feel overwhelmed, under-equipped, and under pressure.  

The good news is that these conversations don’t have to be scary. You can uphold the truth of Christianity without being defensive.  

For years, Greg Koukl has provided practical strategies for holding conversations across worldview lines. In his new book, Street Smarts: Using Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges, Koukl applies these time-tested tactics to the most common topics brought up in the worldview conversations of our cultural moment—the ones that can leave you shamed, stumped, angry, or silent: 

  • Atheism and the question of God’s existence 
  • Morality and the problem of evil 
  • The trustworthiness of the Bible 
  • Gender and sexuality 
  • Abortion  

To help you have conversations with those who might be hostile to a Christian worldview without always being on the defensive, Koukl provides a set of three simple questions you can use to prompt unbelievers to examine and defend their own beliefs. These questions can help you …  

  • Understand the fundamental assumptions behind a non-Christian’s worldview 
  • Prompt them to evaluate those assumptions and recognize the gaps in their worldview 
  • Guide them toward Christianity as the most logical explanation of reality 

As a thank you for a gift of any amount this month, we’ll send you a copy of Street Smarts so you can have tough conversations with a faith that’s confident and informed. Learn to graciously “turn the tables,” help others see the gaps in their worldview, and point them to Christ. By God’s grace, as they recognize the shaky ground they stand on, they will be better prepared to hear and receive the unshakeable truth of God. 

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