Exchange Empty Lies for the Fullness of Biblical Truth

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How can we pursue biblical truth in a world full of empty lies?

For a donation of any amount this month, receive a copy of Alisa Childer’s newest book, Live Your Truth & Other Lies, a book that will not only help you to discern between the lies of the cultural moment and the fullness of biblical truth.

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Exchange empty lies for the fullness of biblical truth.

Live your truth. Put yourself first. You are enough. It’s all about love. 

Today, these phrases are boldly declared and unquestioningly embraced. They tickle our ears and offer the illusion of fulfillment and freedom.  

But they are lies.  

The lies that dominate this cultural moment turn us inward, convincing us that we, rather than God, are our own “true north.” In the end, as author and apologist Alisa Childers argues, these appealing mantras lead to pride, burnout, brokenness, and self-destruction. 

We will never find true purpose and meaning if our compass points only within. In fact, that kind of inner brokenness takes the form of outward brokenness, misaligned relationships that can break down an entire society. To combat these appealing deceptions and the burnout that results from believing them, we must have biblical discernment. We must commit to re-orienting our lives to God, the only source of truth and life. 

In her latest book, Live Your Truth and Other Lies: Exposing Popular Deceptions That Make Us Anxious, Exhausted, and Self-Obsessed, Alisa Childers highlights the common slogans that pass for truth in our day and age, such as …  

  • Authenticity is everything 
  • You are the boss of you 
  • God just wants you to be happy 
  • And more … 

She contrasts these empty deceptions with the fullness of Scripture and points readers to God as the only source of truth, life, and joy.  

For a gift of any amount to the Colson Center in August, we’ll send you a copy of Alisa’s helpful and important book. It will help you discern between popular cultural claims, half-truths, and biblical truth—and help those around you do the same. Use this book to prompt critical thinking and conversations about the truth-claims that permeate our society. 

A compass that spins back to us will always lead us wandering wearily in circles, but Alisa provides the Christian response to each of these lies: an accurate vision of God’s reality and His Word. With a compass that points toward our True North in God, you and others will have confidence in Him on the journey. 

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