Side by Side for the Advance of the Gospel

Building intentional partnerships to strengthen families, schools, businesses, and organizations with robust worldview training.

A message from John Stonestreet

Hear from our President, John Stonestreet, as he shares how God is using partnerships with institutions and individuals to equip Christians everywhere in 2023. The Colson Center community is so much more than resources, programs, and staff. It’s a worldwide network of likeminded supporters who know the value of a robust public faith and want to make that possible for Christians everywhere.  Learn how you can multiply the impact of your investment in the Colson Center as we close our fiscal year on June 30th. 

Kelly Dutcher

Michigan school administrator Kelly Dutcher knows that Christian education is an opportunity to see God’s presence and activity in all His creation. It’s about training students in worldview fluency so they can engage both faith and culture with Christian conviction.

The Dame Family

Kelsey and Frankie Dame know what it means to align personal faith and public action, even in the face of personal suffering. Their deeply rooted Christian worldview prepared them to respond to the allure of worldly “solutions” with godly conviction and faithfulness.

Colleen Wolford

Beyond seeing salvation as a merely personal or private matter, Colleen Wolford has a robust vision of God’s work in making all things new. Now, as she joins God in His work of restoration, she's bringing others along with her.

Help us continue Chuck Colson’s legacy of collaboration, for the strengthening of civil society and the flourishing of God’s Kingdom

Our founder Chuck Colson was a bridge-builder who cultivated cross-institutional connections for the furtherance of God’s kingdom and the strengthening of the Church. He recognized the power of intentional, localized groups of Christians working together to strengthen civil society. Chuck’s legacy continues through the work and vision of the Colson Center, especially as we partner with other organizations to equip Christians to live out their faith in every area of life, work, and culture.  

Every Christian has been given a work of restoration, to partner with God as He reconciles all things to Himself and makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17-19). This God-given calling means that while our redemption must be personal, it should never be private. Because the Gospel impacts every area of life and work, knowing and living out of a Christian worldview is not just a calling on Sunday—it’s for every day and for believers everywhere, whether a Fortune 500 CEO or a middle school history teacher. We are sent to bring the good news and restoring power of Christ to every corner of creation. 

To do this work effectively, we cannot work alone, nor are we called to. 

God has placed the Colson Center in a unique, strategic position to serve others through our focused specialization in worldview training. We seek to build strategic partnerships with likeminded Christian organizations like the Association of Christian Schools International, Focus on the Family, and Alliance Defending Freedom, to maximize our impact and extend the reach of Christian worldview training. We combine our institutional strengths to influence society’s “mediating structures” like families, churches, and schools—for the strengthening of civil society and the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. Together we strive to be faithful to the fullness of Christian truth, fulfilling our calling to be salt and light in this particularly challenging cultural moment. 

God uses the faithful generosity of everyday Christians to enable this cross-organizational collaboration and the furtherance of the Gospel. Would you consider giving to the Colson Center to support this collaborative work of equipping Christians to live confidently and faithfully in the contexts in which God places them? 

Your gift to the Colson Center enables us to build strategic partnerships and train more believers to live out the implications of the Gospel in every corner of the world. Explore our May 2023 President’s Report and join us in anticipation of what God will do!

Help make a bigger worldview possible

As you make your year-end giving plans, prayerfully consider what God might do with your investment in the Colson Center.

Need Assistance Making a Gift?

If you need assistance, our team is happy to help. Explore the frequently asked questions for helpful information. In addition, you can email us at or speak to someone Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm ET by calling (877) 322-5527 and selecting Option 2.