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Open your eyes to the glimpses of God all around you.

Record rates of anxiety, addictions, and depression are evidence of a culture-wide, catastrophic loss of meaning. Endless distractions of social media and entertainment cannot fill the void so many feel, nor can our feeble attempts to construct meaning through self-fulfillment, autonomy, and fabricated identities. 

Christians have an antidote for the meaninglessness so acutely felt by so many today: We know the Source of all meaning, and He has infused His world with glimpses and reflections of Himself, experiences that can wake us from our stupor to something more than the secular status quo: A stubborn sense of discontent, an unresolved question, a deep sense of some foundational truth … these are profound gifts of grace from God to people.   

Os Guinness calls these things “signals of transcendence.” That is the title of his latest book, which tells the stories of 10 individuals who sought God after a moment of joy, beauty, comfort, or failure.   

Have you ever wondered how God got the attention of an Oxford intellectual like C.S. Lewis? Or what drew a generational writing talent like Leo Tolstoy to faith? Or what stopped G.K. Chesterton “in his tracks”? (Hint: it was a dandelion). 

The remarkable stories told by Os Guinness in Signals of Transcendence offer a profound testimony of the power of God to invade the hearts and minds of even the most stubborn secularists. 

For a gift of any amount this month, we will send a copy of Signals of Transcendence: Listening to the Promptings of Life. Not only will it help you examine the world for the God who is present and active in all things, it will help you point others to Him as well. Give today!  

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