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What Christians need to know is that praying is doing something.

Prayer is one way—the best way, in fact—to bridge the profound disconnect that exists between generations in our culture. The vast worldview differences that exist between generations often mean that many grandparents find it increasingly difficult to talk to their own children, let alone their grandchildren. Many parents feel isolated, stranded between their children and a culture intent on captivating their hearts and minds. And many young people simply don’t know how to interact with anyone who isn’t in their own age group.

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“The Pray for Me Campaign has the makings of a renewal that will help this generation of young people stay grounded in their faith.”

Jim Burns,

President of Homeword

"Prayer is also to be our means of receiving sufficient grace and strength to do what we are being guided to do. This reality is to be handed to the next generation, not to end when we die.”

Edith Schaeffer,

The Life of Prayer

“I’ve been in Children’s Ministry for over 35 years. I am a Prayer Champion for our family in our church, and it has changed the way that I look at that family. And it has changed the way that I pray for them.”


Children’s Pastor, GA

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