Upgrade to commenting system in works.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we have set goals to  improve the two-way conversation on all of our Web sites. One of the most important parts of that conversation is the commenting on articles and posts. We are now in an upgrade process with our developer to improve our registration and comment system and make it  more intuitive and simpler for you to use.

We presently have a good commenter base on The BreakPoint Blog, with a very strong community there. We also have good commenting (although spotty) on many of our BreakPoint Commentaries. It is growing and more of you are engaging in the conversation. On ColsonCenter.org we have had articles where commenting would take off for a while and then dry up. This is especially true on the Two-Minute Warning pages, which often deal with controversial subjects. 

The improvements will be to the registration system first. We require that all commenters to be registered (free) on the site. This helps improve the quality of the comments, because it ensures that a person has at least made the minimum commitment to the community to register. The system has been a bit difficult, though, and we are making improvements with this upgrade. We will give you a choice to post with your real name or another username. We will also make password and/or username retrieval easier and more intuitive.  In addition, logging in (if already registered) will  be easier and more intuitive, especially when you want to make a comment. (Note: our site login is universal on all our sites. This means that once you are logged into one, like BreakPoint.org, you remain stay logged in on ColsonCenter.org, DoingtheRightThing.com, etc.)

After commenting, our next upgrades will offer special benefits to those of you who are registered and who may join special-interest groups.  Once logged in, registered site visitors will begin to see unique content on the site not visible to people who are not logged in. Group members will also begin to see special material that applies to your group once logged in. From this beginning, we will later develop true Personal User pages, with many more links tailored to your interest, group updates, etc.

But the commenting upgrades will come first.

We welcome your feedback and comments!

Alan Eason

Internet Director