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The Marriage Debate, an Interview

John Stonestreet asks scholar Ryan Anderson to answer some basic questions about the issue of "same-sex" marriage.


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Murder vs. Democracy

I agree with you completely, especially regarding abortion. The pro-infanticide crowd call themselves pro-choice, making them seem to be more democratic, more in favor of people's rights to live their lives as they choose. We are then labeled as anti-choice. So if you are in favor of the law against murder, you are undemocratic because you are trying to deprive people of the right to kill each other!
Bob- the reason why gay marriage passes is for the following reasons (in no particular order):

1. Pro-gay marriage supporters do all they can to keep it from being a "Do you approve of the homosexual lifestyle?" question and instead turn it into a question all about personal rights. They make it into a "freedom" issue and a "we shouldn't discriminate" issue. It becomes, "Well, I'm personally not in favor of the homosexual lifestyle, but I shouldn't keep Bill and Steve from being married if they want. So I'll vote for it."

2. They also play the "loving and committed couple" card a lot. Similar to point #2. Why not let Susan and Jill get married? After all, they're just as loving and committed to each other as Bill and Nancy are and they’re nice people and have helped me out from time to time, so I’ll vote for them.

Many people aren’t voting FOR the homosexual lifestyle. They vote for the perceived rights and freedoms of others.

It's like the abortion issue- people themselves aren't for abortion on demand, but they don't want to withhold that "right" from another person.
Ryan rightly points out no-fault divorce as a turning point in defining marriage.

It's worth noting that in no-fault states, divorce is equivalent to the dissolution of a business partnership. But, the financial bond of marriage can endure through alimony.

Thus, marriage in no-fault states can entail significant financial risk with no code of behavior.

To focus on gay marriage is another example of treating symptom instead of cause.
Thanks, John, for doing such a great job to extend the influence and ministry God has brought to you. CC would be very proud of what you have done. Thanks for having Ryan Anderson on to explain so well the issues related to SS marriage. God bless.
Ryan, if the arguments are so simple and so true, why are we losing so badly in the court of public opinion, the halls of popular culture, the halls of corporate America, the White House, ten states (and growing), etc.?  If it is really as true and as simple as you say, the vast majority of Americans would either agree with you, or would be trending in your direction. Neither is the case. What to do?