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Should Christians Vote this November?

John Stonestreet maintains that by being involved in the political process, such as casting your vote this November, Christians are following Christ's command to love our neighbor.

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The Elephant—and the Donkey—in the Room

Regardless of its occasional barnyard odor, Christians are called to participate in the process of electing the president.

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Chuck Colson
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R. R. Reno
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On BreakPoint this Week a couple of weeks ago, John Stonestreet interviewed Dr. Wayne Grudem and Matthew Lee Anderson about the love-hate relationship that Christians have with politics. The three discuss the positive influence Christians have had in changing the culture and the responsibility we have to promote just laws and responsible citizenship.

As you think through the issues facing the nation and voting for a candidate, you'll want to tune in this Saturday to hear John Stonestreet's interview with Professor Glenn Sunshine on the history behind the "separation of church and state" and how the term has become misconstrued.


BreakPoint Radio

Kids on the Cliff
John Stonestreet | | September 19, 2012



Since Jesus claims every square inch of the universe as His, Christians are responsible to bring God's goodness to the political arena.

We've put together a new study, "The Pursuit of Faith and Civic Responsibility," which examines the role of Christians in helping the work of good government, a government consistent with the teachings of God.

"The Pursuit of Faith and Civic Responsibility" is good for personal and small group studies.

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Should Christians vote
An interesting article I read the other day on Believers being Ambassadors for Christ-2Cor5:20 and also we are citizens of Heaven Phil 3:20.
An ambassador is someone who is a citizen of one country(say the US) and then goes to another country(say (Syria) to live to fulfill his duties as Ambassador But cannot be a citizen of the host Country Syria. With that being said, then we as Christians-Believers, well with our home being in Heaven, then that makes us Ambassadores of the earth. We are only here for the purpose of Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and obeying His word, not trying to make the world a better place to live. Jesus came to this earth to save us and tell us about His wonderful-almighty Father. What happens if you vote and you vote for the one who did not win- did we goes against the will of our Almighty Saviour??? Just a thought!