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How NOT to Respond to Sexual Brokenness

When discussing sexuality, many people use a consequence-based ethics system. It doesn't work. John Stonestreet elaborates in the third of a four-part series on sexual brokenness.
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Ruined Lives

T. M. Moore tells how the Christian community can help heal people suffering from sexual ruin.

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Additional Resources

Both Chastity and Contraception
Jenell Paris
Why Churches Shouldn't Push Contraceptives to Their Singles
Matthew Lee Anderson
Fake Love, Fake War
Russell Moore
What I Wish I'd Known Before Watching Porn
Lauren Dubinsky




Following on the Renewing Virtue series on love, we're now examining how love can become disordered, resulting in sexual brokenness.
We're offering a branded thumb drive of the series on Sexual Brokenness including additional features that can be used for small groups or Bible studies.

1. When Sex Got a Divorce
2. How Sexual Brokenness Victimizes People



Pliable’s Slough
John Stonestreet | | July 26, 2012



Changing Hearts
Roberto Rivera
We Are His Body
Lisa Mladinich
Christianity Lite
Mary Eberstadt
Have We No Right to Happiness?
C. S. Lewis

"What Do We Really Want Out of Sex?" Part 1 - Marva Dawn

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Way to go Tami! You have been steadfast in your desire to remain pure in order to glorify God and that is certainly commendable! Press on, fight the good fight of faith! God is enough at 42 or 102:)
"fairy tale ending..."
John, I couldn't agree more in that we must not tell our young people that if you play by the rules and keep yourself pure for marriage that "God will bring along the prince charming..." Thankfully I don't ever remember being told that as a young person. If I had been told that I might not be the nearly 42-year-old women I am today who has saved herself and is still praying for God to bring that husband into my life that I so desire. I might have been tempted years ago to say "Forget the rules. It doesn't work like they told me it would so I am just going to go for it." Believe me the temptations have been there and they still are too close to home, but because of my love for my God over my love for myself and most importantly by the grace of God I remain pure to this day. Thank you, Jesus.