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Chuck Colson and the Manhattan Declaration

Chuck Colson stated that the Manhattan Declaration was the most important document he ever signed. He urged us to join in this vital fight for religious liberty, traditional marriage, and life. Join the movement as a valiant defender of these three pillars of society.
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Take a Stand!

It's time to join other Christians and defend Biblical truth. T. M. Moore explains.

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Chuck Colson, Anne Morse
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R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
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Sherif Girgis, Robert P. George, Ryan T. Anderson
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America's sliding into a benevolent sort of tyranny. Religious freedom, the freedom upon which other freedoms rest, will be the first to go. So if you haven't already, we're urging you to take the time to read and sign this important declaration. Time is of the essence. 



Blind Sided
Eric Metaxas | BreakPoint | July 5, 2012


Poison for the American Way
Mark Tooley
The Manhattan Declaration: A Growing, Grassroots Movement of the Spirit
Timothy George
A Christian Call of Conscience
Robert P. George, et al.


Freedom cannot be maintained without virtuous citizens. In the eight-part series Renewing Virtue, Chuck Colson, Dr. Timothy George, T. M. Moore, and John Stonestreet examine the importance of virtue, why it matters, how to live a virtuous life, and how the church can help revive virtue.  It is now available for purchase.

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too limited
It is too bad that the opportunity to sign this document is limited to the geek crowd.

And in a nation of how many Christians only a half million have signed.

I tried to send a message on the Manhattan sight but grew weary of the captcha trap.