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Grief Is Not a Disorder
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Grief is a healthy response to loss or sin, but some psychiatrists want to label it a disorder. Find out why that diagnosis isn’t "healthy."
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Every Life Worth Living

T. M. Moore says that regardless of our physical or mental limitations, our lives are of great worth. We need to live them for the Glory of the Lord.

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The Loss of Sadness
Allan Horwitz & Jerome Wakefield
Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness
Christopher Lane
Grief Could Join List of Disorders

Benedict Carey
Living with Grief
The Lancet
Hope: The Essential Ingredient of Physical and Emotional Health
Armand Nicholi

In this week's seven-part ViewPoint "Good Grief," T. M. Moore investigate various reasons for grieving and explains how we can benefit our from times of sorrow.
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Being Human

Chuck Colson | March 14, 2012


A Grief Experienced

Dennis Babish
C.S. Lewis on Grief
Art Lindsey
Grief and Grace
Rick Rood

Forward to the Past
John Haldane

Are Americans really experiencing an epidemic of sadness? 

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in addition
The same can be said for young 5 year olds who are diagnosed with having Oppositional Defiant Disorder when for the entire 5 years of their life they have seen their parents fight over them in custody battles, are living with their grandparents with occasional visits to mom or dad. Mom is more of a disciplinarian and sets boundaries for the child, but dad and grandparents let him run the home and get away with whatever he wants. This young boy then goes to school and acts out in unhealthy ways and gets a label of being oppositionally defiant.

How sad this is. I don't see this young boy as being oppositionally defiant. I see him as being confused and reacting in a normal way to the confused status of his environment. He has never really been taught what is right and wrong and he does not know how to discern in his behaving.

A sad result to the decay in family and moral values in our country today. The children are suffering.