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The Time Is Now

Defend Religious Liberty for All

This is a special broadcast. To maintain religious liberty, citizens must be eternally vigilant. Today, our freedom is in grave peril. Chuck Colson draws a line in the sand.
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T. M. Moore challenges the church to stand against the governments latest attempt to undermine religious liberty.

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Under certain circumstances, Christians are to consider civil disobedience.

Stay Tuned: This weekend, we encourage you to listen to BreakPoint This Week as Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet interview Bishop David Zubik, about the HHS issue and its threat to religious liberty.



First They Came for the Catholics: Obama's Contraceptive Mandate
Timothy George & Charles Colson | Christianity Today | February 08, 2012

Bishop David Zubik: 'To Hell with You'
The Daley Gator | February 06, 2012

The poor pay the price for Obama's politics
Michael Gerson | Washington Post | February 06, 2012

Over 150 congressional leaders demand repeal of HHS mandate
Michelle Bauman | EWTN | february 08, 2012

Dobson Pre-empts Broadcast for Colson
Alan Eason | | February 09, 2012

ManDec_Obamacare_1Chuck Colson is asking you to soberly and  prayerfully consider signing a petition to President Obama calling him to reconsider his mandate which will violate religious freedom.

Chuck urges Christians to read and sign the Manhattan Declaration.


The HHS Mandate for Contraception/Sterilization Coverage: An Attack on Rights of Conscience

Courage is the first virtue. Martin Niemoller, a German pastor, took a courageous stand against evil perpetrated by the Third Reich.

Dr. Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School and chairman of BreakPoint, explains in "Be Not Afraid: Martin Niemoller's Courageous Stand"



The Time Is Now
Chuck Colson | BreakPoint Radio | February 08, 2012

An Urgent Call to Defend Our Religious Liberty
Chuck Colson | Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk Radio | February 09, 2012


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Rejecting my employer's insurance
In exchange for my work, my employer offers a compensation package that includes health insurance. Since this insurance features coverage for drugs that can induce abortions, I am declining this form of compensation.

I do this with more than a minor risk to myself, since I have insulin dependent diabetes and the typical complications of the disease.

The Obama administration has drawn a line in the sand. My employer has chosen to stand on Obama's side.

My decision to step onto the other side seems to be a lonely one. I know of no other Christian employee who has made the same choice as me. Where are you?

Before November, perhaps you were expecting a new president to solve the problem. Perhaps you were hoping a Supreme Court decision would suddenly make the problem go away. But, these things have not happened.

A democracy is designed to work through its citizens. Of course, God can bypass this, and supernaturally solve the problem for us, and we should always seek his hand in our nation. But, it is also possible that God will allow a citizenry, who neglects their civic duty, to suffer the consequences of their neglect.

Please take a stand and let it be publicly known. Don't be silent.

Joe Dunfee
1st amendment rights violated
If we stand in solidarity we must stand without violence since that may very well be the intention of this administration. If government has to come to the aid of the people because of violence vis-a-vis Van Jones and Frances Fox Piven, then the government has an excuse to further violate our rights under the guise of protecting us.