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Arab Democratic Winter

Election Proves Worldviews Matter

Following the ousting of Mubarak’s regime, Westerners were certain that Egyptians would elect democratic leaders. Chuck Colson explains why that didn’t happen.
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The Foundations of Democracy

The jury is still out whether democracy is possible in Egypt; however, T. M. Moore asserts that shalom is possible wherever a Christian view of the world is allowed to flourish..

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Friends of HOPE
Jim Liske | January 25, 2012

Silence in the face of a threat to liberty spells disaster. Find out how you can learn to Break the Spiral of Silence by signing up to join us for the Wilberforce  Weekend March  30-Apr 1, 2012

Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet interview former U.S. president Jimmy Carter about Christianity in politics on BreakPoint this Week.

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Worldview Matters!
Not all of us were naive enough to assume that the "Arab Spring" would produce democracy! Not in Egypt, not in Libya, not in any Islamist country! The people there are blinded by Islam, and they have no concept of freedom! The word "Islam" means "submission"! The only question for them is who rules over them: the military, or a dictator (benevolent or not).

We had no business trying to impose democracy--or, anything else--on them. The common people there want nothing more than we want: to live out their own lives in their own way! It's not OUR way, but it's what they want. We need to leave them alone to work out their own situations for themselves instead of working feverishly to re-make them into mini-versions of The United States of America. We have more than enough work here at home re-claiming our own democracy!