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Is the Air Force Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water?

In the secular arena, Chuck Colson suggests it’s prudent to talk about first principles using reasoned dialogue and historical example rather than quoting Bible verses.
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The Contribution of Christianity

T. M. Moore says that it is better to help non-Christians see the truth of Christianity by showing them how the West became prosperous and free.

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God Has a Lot To Do with It
Chuck Colson | November 16, 2011
"Two-Minute Warning" Break the Spiral of Silence Part I & Part 2. Also watch the companion video on YouTube:Interview with Chuck Colson - How to Break The Spiral of Silence.

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Doing the Right Thing: Without using religious language or referencing Scripture, it is possible to present an ethical foundation for business, medicine, law, education, and all other segments of society.   


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Air Force suspends ethics course that used Bible passages to train missile launch officers
Jason Ukman | Washington Post | August 2, 2011

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