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Ignorant, Ridiculous and Dangerous?

Spiral of Silence, Part II

Using ridicule instead of presenting a nuanced and persuasive argument, two Christians labeled conservatives as anti-intellectuals. Colson says ridicule is a potent weapon to enforce silence.
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Breaking the Spiral of Silence

T. M. Moore says that Christians can break the spiral of silence by speaking up when the opportunity presents itself. Find out more.

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Putting on the Breaks
Chuck Colson  |  November 9, 2011
"Two-Minute Warning" Part I: Break the Spiral of Silence. Also watch the companion video on YouTube:Interview with Chuck Colson - How to Break The Spiral of Silence.
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The Evangelical Rejection of Reason
Karl W. Giberson & Randal J. Stephens | New York Times | October 17, 2011

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spiral of silence part II
Just wondering when the name calling will stop. They call us intellectually ignorant, we call them the intellectual elite.
Spiral of Silence, Part II
Please help me understand why the two professors in the New York Times article are acknowledged as "Christian brothers." I quote part of a cliche, "...standing in a garage does not make one a car."

Norman Shumaker Jr
Sumter, SC
spiral of silence II
Have you ever heard of the Amalekites - they were the Israelites worst and most dangerous enemies because they mocked and reviled their beliefs. You have to stand strong against these types.