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Reason, Virtue, and Education? You Betcha

Until moral relativism reared its ugly head, teachers successfully educated children. Then the old pedagogical method was thrown out for something new, except the new one’s leaving uneducated students. There’s good news on the horizon.
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Life-long Learners

Learning isn’t just for children. T. M. Moore explains that learning is a life-long endeavor — one that should include a rigorous study of God’s Word and the world around us.

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Classical Schools
Chuck Colson, BreakPoint Radio

Listen to Chuck Colson's speech, "Classical Christian Education: The Imperative."

History of Dollars
David Brooks, New York Times

Learning is the way to wisdom. Find out about it in this week's ViewPoint by T. M. Moore.

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colsonwaxsealtransparent The Lost Tools of Learning
Dorothy Sayers
Classical Christian Education
Ben House
The Revolt of the Sophists
Francis G. Wilson
The Glory and Misery of Education
Gerhart Niemeyer
The Clapham School
Stephen Reed & Billy Atwell

Tensions in American Education
Leo R. Ward

Taming the Tempest
Graeme Hunter
The Place of the Liberal Arts
Mark Blitz
Developing a Christian Mind
David K. Naugle

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Douglas Wilson
Introduction To Classical Education
Classical Academic Press
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Who Killed Homer?
Victor Hanson & John Heath
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Chuck Colson, et al.
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Classical education
Great commentary. Home schooling is another viable option to incorporate a classical education. Yes, it takes commitment and sacrifice. But, it is an investment in our future leaders!
Classical Education
Only one classical Christian school remains in my area of Mesa, AZ and it is EXCELLENT! My drive is 30 minutes one way, but it is worth it. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Redeemer Christian School needs more parents committed to classical Christian education or we too, will have to close our doors.
Classical Ed
What if you already have teenagers who have not been taught in this manner? How to catch up or fix it?
Classical education
Again, another excellent commentary, Chuck. Our children need this kind of education. I see it far to often in public places where young children even at 5 years of age reasoning with their parents and teachers and the parents/teachers allow this to go on even at 5 years of age. They are not learning right from wrong, but rather that I don't have to respect mom's rules. We do have it backwards in that regard - teach these children right from wrong and the facts at these young ages,then let them learn how to argue as they approach the middle school ages.
Reason & Virtue
Today's 2 Minute made me smile.
As a single mom I began to homeschool my daughters in '94, at the ages of 6 & 10. But it was reading your 'How Now Shall We Live' that caused me to rethink and switch to 'Classical'
It has made all the difference.
Thank you.