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Answering Four Questions
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Churches are not teaching their members how to think Christianly. While salvation is the difference between everlasting life and death, it is only the beginning of the Christian walk. This week, find out how to compare differing belief systems with a biblical worldview.
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Ask Good Questions

one of the greatest services Christians can render to their unbelieving friends is to start asking good questions about the really big issues of life. Jesus was a great question-asker, as we know, and we can be effective in helping those around us think more seriously about their lives – and about the Gospel – if we will learn to use good questions in our conversations with them.

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Worldview Grid
Chuck Colson

Listen to Chuck explain the grid

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From the Colson Bookstore
Book_icon Worldview and Why It Matters (DVD)
Charles Colson, Glenn Sunshine & T. M. Moore
Book_icon How Now Shall We Live?
Chuck Colson & Nancy Pearcey
Book_icon The Faith
Chuck Colson & Harold Fickett
Book_icon Wide Angle: Framing Your Worldview
Chuck Colson & Rick Warren
Book_icon Why You Think the Way You Do
Dr. Glenn Sunshine
Book_icon The Right Questions
Phillip E. Johnson & Nancy Pearcey
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