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Wake Up and Smell the Corruption!

Americans are starting to accept corruption as a way of life. In this hard-hitting edition, Colson blows the whistle on fraudulent behavior, declaring that it isn’t too late for Americans to start caring about our society’s ethical malaise.
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Do You Hate Sin?

God hates sin, but Christians are forgetting that we should hate it too. T. M. Moore has some timely insights about this disastrous failure.

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Nothing Like It Before
Chuck Colson, BreakPoint Radio

Who Is James Johnson?
David Brooks

People have replaced God with other idols, and it shows in the increasing corruption among members of society. Learn more about it in this week's ViewPoint by T. M. Moore.

Doing the Right Thing Website
Citizens across the nation, let's join one another in a united movement to cultivate virtue.

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Gary D. Robinson
Theology on Fire
J. I. Packer
The Fall in the New Testament
David K. Naugle
Virtue Is a Prerequisite...
Foster Friess
Recovering the Vocation of Business
Phillip W. De Vous

By the Book
Stuart McKelvie

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Doing the Right Thing
Chuck Colson, et al.
Reordered Loves, Reordered Lives
David K. Naugle
Divine Conspiracy
Dallas Willard
Original Sin
Henri Blocher
Not the Way Its Supposed to Be
Cornelius Plantinga
What We Can't Not Know
J. Budziszewski


David Brooks
Writing this book is out of character for this columnist. He works for the NY Times and claims to be a conservative. How long will he last at the paper once the book comes out. I wouldn't be too sure the book will condemn the real culprits, Barney Franks and Chris Dodd who play a significant roll in the corruption. He'll probably blame it on George W. Bush if he is true to his character. On all the issues we as Christians hold this guy supports the left agenda.