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Atlas Shrugged and So Should You

A “silly” and “bumptious” novel can have destructive and lasting power...and then it finds new life as a movie. Viewers beware because the new movie Atlas Shrugged is an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel, which peddles a starkly anti-Christian philosophy.
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An Atlas to Objectivism
Ayn Rand’s objectivism is finding new audiences, but her idea has serious consequences. T. M. Moore explains.

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Doing the Right Thing Website
Challenge Ayn Rand’s type of twisted self-interest by joining the DtRT movement.

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Shrug It Off
Chuck Colson
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Big Sister Is Watching You
Whittaker Chambers
Poison as Antidote
Hunter Baker
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Gary Moore

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ayn rand
what is the meaning of the command to " love your neighbor as yourself"? i think that to do this you must first love yourself. what are the characteristics of a love of self? please respond.