Cutting Down on Violence?

Traditionally, middle and high schools have provided their students with lockers to store coats, books, and lunches. Today, there is a movement to eliminate lockers because of new technologies (iPads, eBooks, etc.). It might be a good thing, to save money and space, but one of the reasons officials list is to help combat violence.

It's true that some students have hid contraband like sweet treats and drugs, and from time to time weapons, in their lockers. But eliminating lockers to combat crime isn't going to work. School officials, teachers, and parents are going to have to start teaching children right from wrong, good from bad.


Dan G., Your experience with a former gang member fits with the article which Gina posted on Penance and Byron Widner. Violence begets violence, etc. and it's very difficult to escape the life.

When I attended middle & high school, not that long ago, we worried about an occasional fisticuff skirmish, bullies making life unpleasant, and maybe petty theft. The scale of violence has definitely ratcheted up.
And guns kill people. And cars cause highway deaths. And ice cream makes one fat.

If kids would put their coats in their lockers instead of the nerdy classmates, that might make a difference.

If mom and dad (or, SOMEONE!) taught the kids right from wrong, that would be a big help.

But, until each child has an encounter with Jesus, nothing's going to change any time soon.
Are the current airport screening protocols on their way to high schools? Heck, just send the kids to school naked and call it transparency.
Just another sad example of blaming inanimate objects for behavior problems. And it won't help.
They don't need a locker. I used to play soccer with a young man who had come out of a gang. He regularly carried a sawed-off shotgun to high school in a gym bag.
""It gives kids a place to hide things," said Mike Nelson, co-founder of Keys to Safer Schools and a licensed counselor."

Yes. That is THE WHOLE POINT. Schools tax away students youth and make them live in a pseudobarracks that would have pleased Lycurgus of Sparta. Must they now tax their privacy?

High School is just the time when people need privacy most and privacy not just from the teachers but from each other. The very fact that they are forced into a regimented mass(otherwise known as "learning social skills")is one more reason they should have a space safe from the prying eyes of each other and safe from Authority.

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