Against Ayn Rand

Chuck is quoted in this USA Today piece on Christians, politics, and Ayn Rand: "I am no fan of big government, but there are far better ways to critique it than Rand's godless nonsense, especially for Christians."


Rand Interview
Look up the Mike Wallace interview with Ayn Rand on Youtube. It is sobering and pitiable.
No, Jason,
It isn't "just you". The less some people have to say, the louder and more often they say it! I used to try to argue with them until I realized one day that they were too busy listening to their own brilliance to be able to hear me.
Is it just me or are those who have the bleakest creeds normally the most self-righteous about them?
USA Today has another article on this issue, that makes a backhanded reference to Chuck ("Watergate criminal"). And other than being written by someone who doesn't believe the Bible is true, and taking an unnecessary and irrelevant swipe at a true hero (Christianity has a long association with convicted criminals, including the Apostle Paul, so Chuck's in good company), it's not a bad article on the controversy.

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