Sojourners' Prayer

It's Not What You Think

Please God, give me grace to keep from snorting every time I see people wearing orange rubber wrist bands saying, "What Would Jesus Cut?"

In case you are new to the blog, I find the whole notion of asking -- or blackmailing with -- trite phrases like "what would Jesus say, do, wear, etc.," disingenuous. I've written scathing posts about it here and here.

The prayers of Sojourners, the organization now asking what Jesus would cut, seem to be centered on keeping family planning (i.e. abortion) and the welfare state alive. Besides working for the elimination of the very population they profess to serve, their social gospel schemes actually keep people poor.

Jesus has a high view of humans. While on Earth, He was industrious carpenter, friend, and son. He took those who were poor in body, mind, and spirit, and breathed new life into them. He gathered a group of people who would go to the the ends of the earth preaching the Gospel, which changed the world.

Throwing money at the poor and downtrodden without teaching them they have meaning and purpose in God doesn't achieve anything. In fact, it makes people depressed.

So while we contemplate what would Jesus do, let us remember that while He was feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and visiting those in prison, He was proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

Today is the National Day of Prayer, so, with this kingdom perspective, I would like to remind you that instead of praying for Republicans or Democrats to fund some scheme or other--as both parties do without even giving the matter any thought--let's pray that our fellow citizens in every sphere of life would work together to "promote good morals." Let us pray for courage to promote virtue among our fellow citizens, whatever their calling or station in life.


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