Human beings are not contingently good

According to Tom Hungar, a lawyer who has argued before the federal district court and the Court of Appeals, the National Institute of Health is scampering to write as many embryonic stem cell research checks as they can, because the preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge to bar them from breaking federal law will soon turn permanent.

Why does President Obama feel comfortable allowing this to happen, if not acting as the instigator? I suggest two reasons: 1) He sees the embryos as contingently valuable on their ability to serve a “greater good”, which he sees as the advancement of medical research; and 2) He views the law, like the embryos being killed, as contingent on personal opinion, rather than grounded principle.

This brings up a bigger question of whether or not "social" issues lie as a foundation for every other issue, especially within politics.  If we do not respect human life, does that mean our economic system will fail?  If we view the human person as contingent on their ability to produce, serve me, or what-have-you, will our culture surely crumble?  I talk about this in a blog I wrote for the Manhattan Declaration.  CLICK HERE if you would like to read more about this.


Building our Cultural House on---Peat Moss!
Maybe you heard this story before...

When I was a kid, My parents almost bought a beautiful, moderately priced nice home. It would have been bigger, nice than our old and cramped earlier home...

But my mom wondered about a few cracks in the nerwe home that just looked a bit peculiar...

She checked with the county and found...This beautifully laid out home was built over--- PEAT MOSS. i.e. possibly UNSTABLE soil!!!

That home looked fine and strong, but sooner or later...the house might shift---and who knows what the consequences could have been???

If the house had shifted too much, perhaps its structural integrity would have been compromised. And we would have been left with a mortgage but no home....
Basically...the Democrats are (mostly) the party of Build the House on Peat Moss...and the Republicans are (so far) the Party of---We'll eventually Follow the Build the House on Peat Moss Plan!!!

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