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A running list of news posts and announcements, posted by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. News on some of the major issues we look at every week, with a brief commentary and perhaps a few links to what some of our writers or speakers are saying about these issues.

New York Times Features Eric Teetsel

The New York Times Politics section has posted an article: Young Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage Undaunted.  It features, among others, Manhattan Declaration colleague Eric Teetsel.

Photo from New York Times article. Please go to article to read.
The article begins:

"WASHINGTON — They hear that their cause is lost, that demographics and the march of history have doomed their campaign to keep marriage only between a man and a woman. But the young conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage — unlike most of their generation — remain undaunted..." (Read More).

What follows is a pretty fairly-balanced article which gives voice to concerns of young conservatives about the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding same sex marriage.

Eric, as the executive director of the Manhattan Declaration and also as a young conservative, makes some great statements in the article, as do other young conservatives.

The article can be found here.