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A running list of news posts and announcements, posted by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. News on some of the major issues we look at every week, with a brief commentary and perhaps a few links to what some of our writers or speakers are saying about these issues.

Eric Metaxas to Appear on Huckabee Radio January 10

BreakPoint host will be interviewed on his protest against violent movies

Eric Metaxas will be on Mike Huckabee's radio show at  2:18 PM ET-2:28 PM EST tomorrow (January 10, 2013).  He will discuss the topic of today's Breakpoint commentary, about how just weeks after Newtown, the number one and number two films in America are Texas Chainsaw Massacres in 3D and Django Unchained. Here is a link to the commentary in case you did not get to hear it on the radio:

We now have a link to the audio clip of Eric's part of the Mike Huckabee radio show.

Click on this link to hear the interview (about 10 minutes).