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A running list of news posts and announcements, posted by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. News on some of the major issues we look at every week, with a brief commentary and perhaps a few links to what some of our writers or speakers are saying about these issues.

We Open Our Hearts to Newtown

We join with the nation in prayer. Here are links to thoughts that might help.

Here at the Colson Center, we join with the nation in prayer and mourning. Our hearts are broken as we think of the innocent children, the adults and all the victims of this wrenching tragedy. May God grant us help and mercy in our time of need. "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." (Psalm 34:18 - NIV).

Newtown_Rotator_690_We are gathering some links (below) to articles, commentaries, prayers and other resources that might offer help in this time of mourning. As we find more links, we will add them. Please feel free to add your comments and prayers at the bottom of the page.

  • Monday, John Stonestreet aired a very good commentary on how we should react
    to this tragedy: Not The Time
  • John Stonestreet's commentary after the Aurora, Colorado disaster: Why Evil? Why This Evil?
    John Stonestreet | | July 25, 2007
  • John Stonestreet interviews Drs. Bill Brown and Cornelius Plantinga about the Christian response to unthinkable evil on BreakPoint This Week: Answering Evil. John Stonestreet | | July 28, 2012
  • Regis Nichol has posted a good blog post on this: Is heaven worth it?
  • T. M Moore offers a great perspective on how the power of Christian faith to restrain and overcome the effects of evil in his ViewPoint Study, Why There Isn't More Evil.
  • Chuck Colson also addressed the problem of evil many times, such as in these commentaries:
And the Darkness Has Not Overcome It: The Amish Shine Their Light
The Context of Forgiveness: Grace in Amish Country
Death, Where Is Thy Sting?: The Virginia Tech Massacre
Indestructible Power: Wedgwood Witness
Estee Blatter's Solution: The Answer to Youth Violence
Good Grief: Faith Versus Freud
  • See an excerpt from Chuck Colson's book, "The Faith," which highlights redemption and forgiveness in the midst of horror.

Other Places on the Web
  • In "The Loss of the Innocents," Ross Douthat reminds readers that, along with suffering with the families who have lost loved ones, Christians should offer the nativity story--along with all the suffering it contains.
  • In a homily last Sunday, Reverend Robert Sirico remarks on the "painful irony" that the Church "admonishes" its children to rejoice even in the face of evil.
  • Roberto Rivera  addresses Making Sense of Evil in a article.
  • Jim Tonkowich reminds readers of the reality into which Christ our savior was born. He came so that we might live.
  • Ravi Zacharias maintains that hate like the Newton killer expressed by killing 27 people an then committing suicide, doesn't happen overnight.  It's due to moral and spiritual degeneration.
  • Peter Wehner cogently explains why James Dobson's pronouncement of God's judgement is wrong on a number of levels.


Peter Wehner's article
I must say that I am really disappointed that the Colson Center would even post Peter Wehner's article as an option to read in regards to the tragedy at Newtown, CT. Mr. Wehner is attacking Dr. Dobson and judging him by calling his theology "callous." As evangelicals (I'm personally not familiar with Mr. Wehner so I don't know where he stands theologically), we are on the same side of the issue here - and that is concern for the direction our country is taking which is down the path of sin and away from our Creator. While I do believe that Dr. Dobson needed to show more compassion the days immediately after the tragedy, I do not believe that what he said was wrong; it just needed to be said at a later time.

However, I do believe that for the Colson Center to encourage the attack of a fellow believer and man of the Word of God is not what I would expect from your organization. At this point in our nation's history with the church of Jesus Christ needing to be unified more than ever we don't need to be attacking our fellow believers. Sure maybe someone could have gone to Dr. Dobson in love and spoken to him encouraging him to hold off on his words for a later date, but to support and encourage the direct attack of a man who has shown the love and truth of God to so many is completely wrong and again below what I would have expected of your organization. Thank you for your time.