So-called Gay "Marriage" and the Battle for Words
Chuck Colson makes the case that "gay marriage" is an oxymoron. Marriage is a conjugal union of one man and one woman, so how can marriage be between two people of the same sex. Are so-called "gay marriage" advocates winning the battle for words? Watch this week's Two-Minute Warning, where Chuck Colson makes a profound, counter-cultural pledge.

Comment on the issues in this video (or just read the conversation) at: "Speak Out With Chuck."

The Same-Sex Agenda: Rage, Rage at the Rising of the Light, by Alan Sears (Colson Center)
“The Dangers of Same-Sex Marriage: What’s Wrong with That?” by Regis Nicoll (BreakPoint)
“Rediscovering Marriage,” by Alan F. H. Wisdom (Colson Center Library)
“Same-Sex Marriage: Recent Trends in Public Opinion,” by Joshua K. Baker (IMAPP)
“De-Lovely Couples: Mocking Marriage,” by Charles Colson (BreakPoint)
“Defining Marriage Down,” by Michael Novak (The Catholic Thing)
“Privatizing Marriage is not the Answer to the Same-Sex Marriage Debate,” by Jennifer Roback Morse (The Witherspoon Institute)
“The Institution Formerly Known as Marriage,” by Jennifer Roback Morse (Ruth Institute)
Monty Python's The Life of Brian - I want to be a woman:

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