Civil Disobedience (featuring Dr. Timothy George)
One of Chuck Colson's leading theological advisors and co-architect of the Manhattan Declaration, Dr. Timothy George, joins Mr. Colson in explaining the Christian duty of civil disobedience under certain circumstances. Mr. Colson also highly recommends you read T.M. Moore's, "When Not To Obey: A study on civil disobedience" and the other important resources listed below the video to learn more about this important subject.

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Other Resources:

When Not To Obey: A study on civil disobedience (PDF), by T.M. Moore (Colson Center)
Government vs. Conscience, by Chuck Colson (BreakPoint)
The Image of God and Human Dignity, by Dr. Glenn Sunshine (Colson Center)
Letter from a Birmingham Jail, by Diane Singer (Colson Center)
Manhattan Declaration Bible Study (PDF), by T.M Moore (Manhattan Declaration)
Is It Ever Right to Disobey?, T.M. Moore (Colson Center)

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