Freedom of Worship: an anorexic description of our rights
Chuck Colson is sounding the alarm: The government—at the highest levels—may be attempting to redefine the very meaning of religious freedom. If what Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said in a recent speech reflects a new direction in government policy, it seems the aim is clear: To kick faith out of the public square, to send Christians into the closet.

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Chuck Colson responded to a comment from Linda Smith in the comments section concerning Roosevelt's use of the term "Freedom of Worship" in his Four Freedoms.

Thank you for your very perceptive pick-up on Roosevelt’s four freedoms.  I’m old enough to remember them.

The use of the term “worship” in those days would not have had the significance it does today.  There were virtually no cases threatening free exercise in the 30s and 40s.  Every school had prayer and Bible studies; the presence of God was firmly lodged in our culture and in our collective consciousness.

The rash of cases attacking public expressions of religion began in the late 40s into the 50s, and then hit us like a truck in the 60s.  When Roosevelt used the phrase it was interchangeable.  Today it is certainly not.

Chuck Colson

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