Irreducible Complexity Not Refuted



Resource: Jonathon D. “Michael Behe Hasn’t Been Refuted on the Flagellum,” The Discovery Institute: Evolution News and Views

Summary: Darwinian theorists are claiming to have refuted irreducible complexity, but that is not the case.

Report: Calling the basic mechanism of the flagellum “breathtakingly elegant and mesmerizing,” the author believes it “can’t be properly appreciated without a minimum a cursory knowledge of its underpinning operations.” While not easy to picture as a lay-person, he gives a stunning explanation of the complexity.

Not only is it complex but an expensive system to run, due to its demands on energy, and it must be put together with care as the “untimely expression of flagellum proteins may induce a strong immune response in the host system, something no bacterium wants to do. If the peptides present themselves at the wrong time, macrophages in the bacterium may “smell” an alien and do their job—to ingest foreign objects—to the demise of the bacterium. “The bottom line is that modern Darwinian theory – as classically understood – has come nowhere close to explaining the origin of this remarkably complex and sophisticated motor engine.”

Here are some other articles about intelligent design theory vs. Darwinism.

This article, “Venter vs. Dawkins … on the Tree of Life—Another Dawkins Whopper,” describes evidence of another “whopper” of deceit from Darwinians.

Robin D. Zimmer writes in the Tennessean his opinion of the legislation debate on amendment (HB 368) that would allow for better critical analysis of scientific theories within the public classroom.

Discovery Institute adds its own support to the amendment (HB 368) in Tennessee.

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