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The Mission of the Church


Christianity as a Worldview

Chuck reminds us why the Colson Center’s mission matters so much.

Today I want to tell you about a major new effort to renew the Church and transform the culture.

What is the vision of the Church? That was the sermon topic one Sunday a dozen years ago or so when I visited a friend’s church. But as I listened, I found my mind wandering. I had just signed a contract to write a book on Christian worldview, and I was experiencing writer’s remorse. Did this book really need to be written?

Dembski on Design


A Detective Story

In this 1999 BreakPoint commentary, Chuck points out that the universe offers many clues to its true nature and provenance.

Recently, in Sarasota, Florida, a man named Paul Colicci was found dead in his garage. Detectives first thought Colicci's death was a suicide. But then they discovered he had multiple injuries—a pattern extremely unlikely in any suicide. So the case is now being investigated as murder.

How do detectives determine whether a death occurred by natural causes or by deliberate intent? Well, if you like detective stories, as I do, you know they look for clues and a pattern. And of course, just as in Sarasota, they first ruled out natural causes. Well, it's not much different than investigating anything.

Thirty-Five Years in the Light


Reflections on my conversion

It’s been a year since the Lord called Chuck home, but his testimony remains as powerful as ever.

A lot of people have asked me what I think about when I remember back to that hot, humid August night in 1973 when Tom Phillips, then the president of the Raytheon Company, witnessed to me in his home. I left his house that night shaken by the words he had read from C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity about pride. It felt as if Lewis were writing about me, former Marine captain, Special Counsel to the President of the United States, now in the midst of the Watergate scandal. I had an overwhelming sense that I was unclean.

The Sign of the Spirit


It’s a week past Pentecost, but Chuck reminds us of the power of God’s Spirit to build His Church. Anywhere. This BreakPoint commentary was first published in December, 1996.

I'll never forget a story a friend told me, a man named Dois Rosser, who once worked in India constructing church buildings—where he witnessed a remarkable work of the Holy Spirit.

One day a colleague invited Dois to come along to one of his jobs. The two men drove for hours over dirt roads in the scorching heat, then walked down a long path to a small gathering of grass huts.

The Winter of Discontent

Government_Building_TreasuryGovernment and the Mood of the People

Published three years ago, this BreakPoint commentary continues to sound the call for Christians to engage responsibly their civic duties.

There’s a lot of handwringing going on in Washington about the mood of the American people. And with good reason.

The new year is normally a time of optimism. And after a rocky 2009, certainly hopes should be high for a better year ahead.

Scraps of Scripture

PapyrusNew Evidence for the Truth of the Bible

In this 1995 BreakPoint commentary Chuck reminds us that we can trust our Bibles as reliable and true.

The three fragments of papyrus have been hidden away for a hundred years in an Oxford University library. But a German scholar has uncovered startling new evidence that these tiny scraps of Scripture were authored by the contemporaries of Christ—contemporaries who had firsthand evidence that Jesus was the Son of God.

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