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Children of the State?

Ending Educational Coercion


In this BreakPoint commentary from 2000 Chuck reminds us, as schools begin all over the country, of the crucial role parents must play in the education of their children.

A band of civil rights groups raised legal eyebrows recently, announcing plans to sue California for failing to provide the "bare essentials" of a public education. Space shortages, poor materials, and unqualified teachers led some, including the ACLU, to say, "Enough is enough."

Their lawsuit was filed on behalf of seventy students from two dozen public schools, hoping to make the state pay for its failures. By pricking political consciences, the activists expect a payoff in the form of more tax dollars for public education.

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Restoring the Moral Authority of the Law


This is an important week for remembering Dr. King, as Chuck did in this 2000 BreakPoint commentary.

"A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is out of harmony with the moral law."

It was with these very words, in his memorable Letter from the Birmingham Jail, that Martin Luther King, Jr., threw down the gauntlet in his great Civil Rights crusade. King refused to obey what he regarded as an immoral law that did not square with the law of God.

Knowing God

Essential Reading


In this 2010 BreakPoint commentary Chuck reminds us of one of the great Christian classics of our time.

While he was a student at Oxford, James Innell Packer, better known as J.I., heard C. S. Lewis speak. Lewis’ influence on Packer was profound, and inspired him to enter full-time Christian ministry.

In sixty-plus years since then, Packer has exercised his considerable influence over Christian minds. He came to the attention of American Christians about the same time as his fellow countryman and Anglican clergyman, John Stott. It’s safe to say that, apart from Stott, Schaeffer and a just few others, no one has shaped the way American Christians think about their faith as much as J. I. Packer.

In its 2005 article on the “25 most influential evangelicals in America,” Time magazine named Packer and described him as offering Christians something “deeper” and “more embracing” than most of them previously encountered.

The Six-Second Crime

Saving Schools from Religion


It’s almost time for school to begin again, and, in this 1994 BreakPoint commentary, Chuck reminds us that the struggle for religious freedom often catches up our children.

In New York a man was arrested for buying crack cocaine. It turned out he was a school principal and he was promptly fired.

In Tennessee another school principal made sexually suggestive comments to co-workers. He, too, was fired.

They Just Don't Get It

The War over Family Values


This 1992 BreakPoint commentary demonstrates just how far we have drifted in a few short years from values anchored in the Word of God.

The Murphy Brown episode has come back to haunt us again. At the Emmy awards, the creator of the sitcom hailed single parents and urged them, "Don't let anyone tell you you're not a family."

Why has family values become such a disputed topic? Why was the media so quick to jump on a single line in a single speech by Dan Quayle?

He Has Spoken


The Power of the Word of God

In this BreakPoint commentary from 2008, Chuck introduces his last book, The Faith, and explains why the Bible matters so much.

It is one of the great stories of the Christian Church. In Scillium, North Africa—A.D. 180—a runner brought the message that soldiers were on their way. A Christian silversmith named Speratus, about to be arrested, had a decision to make: Should he take the Church’s sacred scrolls with him to jail? Or would they be safer in hiding?

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