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Hollywood Heaven


Is there Life after Death?

Here’s an “Easter afterglow” insight from 1999. Chuck warns us to beware Hollywood’s vision of life after death.

Hollywood has discovered the afterlife.

Aging baby boomers, who now head Hollywood's dream factories, have apparently begun thinking about their own mortality. The result is a rash of movies that explore the most basic religious question: What happens when you die?

In the past year, films like City of Angels, What Dreams May Come, and Meet Joe Black seek to reassure us that death is not something to be feared by presenting a benevolent afterlife.

The Justice of Easter


Thoughts from a Prison Yard

Easter and justice go naturally together. And it’s a good thing they do, as Chuck reminds us from this 2007 BreakPoint commentary.

I would venture to guess that justice is not a word that comes quickly to mind when you think about Easter. Maybe my years studying law, fighting for criminal justice reform, and ministering to prisoners have given me a different perspective.

You see, I can’t help but think of justice on Easter Sunday, because for the last almost thirty years, I have spent Easter behind bars worshiping the risen Christ with prisoners. Yesterday and Saturday, Mark Earley and I preached in two prisons in Florida.

Speaking the Truth in Love


First published in 1999, this BreakPoint commentary reminds us of the importance of viewing evangelism as a process and not an event.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Bulgaria, which was still in the grip of a Marxist regime. Though the Iron Curtain had fallen, communist officials in Bulgaria had simply adopted new labels and stayed in power. While there, I had a chance to bear witness of the faith to the Bulgarian minister of justice--a fascinating experience that illustrates how important it is for Christians to understand worldviews in order to evangelize effectively in today's post-Christian world.

The minister had heard me contend publicly that the solution to crime is moral reformation and, as we sat down together, he began firing questions at me.

What Has Darwin to Do with Shakespeare?


While we’re thinking about Shakespeare – April marks the 450th anniversary of his baptism – Chuck reminds us that he is but one solid example that ours is a meaningful world.

Over the years, you’ve heard me recommend many publications on the subject of intelligent design. But I believe it is safe to say that I have never before discussed one that featured two chapters on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The reasoning behind these chapters is that Benjamin Wiker and Jonathan Witt’s new book, A Meaningful World, is about so much more than the narrow concept that many people have of “intelligent design.” Their book’s subtitle helps explain their idea: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature. It’s an original and utterly fascinating approach to the subject.

What's In It For Me?


The Selfist Philosophy

In this 2001 BreakPoint commentary Chuck examined the philosophy of "selfism."

"I'm just not growing in this relationship," Kevin told his wife, Diane. And after ten years of marriage and two kids, he left his family. And he did it, Diane discovered, with the blessing of his therapist.

If Diane had been up on the state of modern psychology, she wouldn't have been so surprised. One Christian psychologist says the spread of what he calls "the selfist philosophy" has gravely damaged many American families.

Virtue Versus Violence


David Robinson and True Sportsmanship

In this 1996 BreakPoint commentary, Chuck showed us what to look for a true sportsman.

Sports fans are accustomed to their favorite events beginning with an introduction of the starting lineup. But these days more and more athletes are appearing in another kind of line-up: a police line-up.

Readers of the sports page are familiar with stories about Dallas superstar Michael Irvin, who now faces felony cocaine charges. Elsewhere in the National Football League, Brian Blades recently pleaded "no-contest" to manslaughter charges. And the latest NFL draft featured two Nebraska football players who got into trouble assaulting women.

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