The Gender Wars


He answered, ‘Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female...’ Matthew 19:4

A growing tendency
In a recent ChangePoint article, “How Gay 'Marriage' Became Plausible,” I talked about the way 20th-century feminists have attempted to homogenize the gender polarity. “Homogenizing the gender polarity” was my over-intellectualized way of referring to the unisex tendency -- the move to eradicate all distinctions between the sexes.

In that article I suggested that the only reason 21st-century society even has the categories to consider a concept like gay “marriage” is because feminists throughout the 20th century had consistently worked to blur the distinctions between men and women.

Nine days after we published the aforementioned post, an article appeared in which alerted me to the fact that the flow of gender confusion also works the other way round. That is, while it is true that blurring the distinctions between the genders can lead to concepts like gay “marriage” obtaining acceptance, it is also true that societies which accept same-sex marriage tend to open the door to further (and perhaps even endless) redefinitions of what it means to be a man or a woman.

A case study in progress
Sweden is a perfect case in point. Ever since the Swedish government passed a gender neutral marriage law in 2009, allowing for homosexual “marriages,” the nation has been working overtime to try to eradicate gender distinctions from every other facet of life. This is what struck me by the article published by Titled, “Sweden’s New Gender-Neutral Pronoun: Hen,” Nathalie Rothschild explored some of the silly lengths the Swedes are prepared to go to in order to achieve a gender-neutral society.

Rothschild explains how many Swedes believe that “allowing any type of couple to marry” and other policies aimed at gender equality “is not enough.” What we really need, they argue, is a society that “should tolerate no distinctions at all between the sexes.... What many gender-neutral activists are after is a society that entirely erases traditional gender roles and stereotypes at even the most mundane levels.”

Many of the examples Rothschild gives would be comical if the social engineers behind them were not so serious:

  • The country’s online National Encyclopedia has added the pronoun, hen, to the language. It explains the term as a “proposed gender-neutral personal pronoun instead of he [han in Swedish] and she [hon].” (The genderless pronoun “hen” had to be borrowed from the Finnish language since the Swedish language did not possess an appropriate equivalent.)

  • Sweden’s first gender-neutral children’s book has already been published, with the new pronoun used throughout. Similarly, the Swedish lifestyle magazine, Nöjesguiden, recently released an issue in which hen is used throughout.

  • A Swedish children’s clothes company has removed separate boys and girls sections from their stores, choosing instead to mix everything up.

  • A Swedish toy catalogue recently decided to switch things around, showing a girl in denim riding a tractor and a boy in a Spider-Man costume pushing a pink pram.

  • The Swedish Bowling Association is planning to merge male and female bowling tournaments to make the sport gender-neutral.

  • Law-makers have proposed installing gender-neutral restrooms in public places.

  • Various Swedish preschools have banned pupils making references to the gender of other students, so that teachers can no longer say things like, “good morning, boys and girls.”

Now maybe there is no connection between this barrage of unisexism or androgyny, on the one hand, and Sweden’s sanctioning of same-sex “marriages”, on the other. But while correlation does not imply causation, there does seem to be a natural logic operating here. Blurring the distinctions between the sexes exists in a symbiotic relationship with the act of accepting gay “marriage”, so that the two form webs of multiple reciprocities or feedback loops.

After all, if the distinctions between men and women do not matter with respect to marriage, then we might legitimately ask where you draw the line. If it is the case (as advocates of same-sex “marriage” argue) that trying to preserve gender distinctions with respect to marriage is an act of discrimination, sexism, and bigotry, then why is it legitimate to maintain these distinctions in any area of life?

The logic of gender neutrality
It is when we ask such questions that we quickly see where the logic of gender neutrality takes us. It ushers us into a world in which we must set ourselves against nature to try to eradicate all and every reminder that men and women are different. That is exactly what has been happening in Sweden, and it has been occurring at an accelerated pace ever since their government declared that gender was irrelevant to marriage.

America is not far behind. Although we have not sunk to the extremes of Sweden, our nation does have a growing community of activists who are absolutely determined to remove all vestiges of gender from public life. If (God forbid!) America does ever reach the point of legalizing gay “marriage,” it is likely this will accelerate our nation into the types of absurdities Sweden is now facing.

The example of Sweden should be a wake-up call to the United States. Now is the time to be fighting to defend gender distinctions in our society. Now is the time to be asserting that God did not create man and woman to be the same, but to be gloriously different. We must make the case that far from being a stifling imposition on our identity, gender differences are truly liberating, since they release us to be the men and women that God created us to be.

Preparing to debate
Be prepared to debate this important issue with non-Christian friends, colleagues, and neighbors, or even with Christian brothers and sisters who may have been brainwashed by the lie of gender neutrality. Use the resources below to educate yourself on this important issue before it is too late and America follows in the footsteps of Sweden.

  • Too Feminine?
    This article on my personal blog considers the contrast between feminine writers in the Victorian period who believed they were defending women by praising their womanliness, vs. feminists today who think they are defending women by trying to do away with the gender divide.

  • Voluntary Elimination of Gender in the Human Species"
    This post at the Salvo blog gives a brief introduction to “Postgenderism,” a radical social theory which asserts that the elimination of gender from the human race is not only possible, but desirable.

  • Gender Benders: Is My Sexual Identity an Accident Just Waiting to Happen?
    This article from Salvo Magazine humorously explores the absurdities that arise from asserting that gender is fluid rather than fixed.

  • Michael Coren on Gender Neutral Children
    In this video, talk show host Michael Coren discusses the dangers involved when parents attempt to raise their children in a gender neutral environment.

  • Schools Encourage Cross-dressing and Gender Confusion
    This post at the Salvo blog exposes some of the perverted extremes to which UK schools are willing to stoop in their attempts to disrupt the gender polarity.

  • Gender Neutralizers Attack Pregnancy
    This article at the Salvo blog explores the way pregnancy is the final frontier to conquer before the gender-free utopia can be ushered in.

  • John or Joan?: The Politics of Gender
    In this BreakPoint article, the late Chuck Colson showed the disastrous consequences of the view that babies are born “gender neutral”—that major gender differences are assigned, not by our genes, but by our environment

  • Women in the Draft
    This article at the Salvo blog shows that the push to eradicate all differences between men and women is leading some law-makers to suggest women should be called upon for compulsory military service in any future draft.

  • Gender-free Toy Stores and Schools
    This post at the Salvo blog looks further at the phenomenon of gender-neutral schools and stores.

  • How Gay “Marriage” Became Plausible
    This is the article referenced above in which I argued that the homogenization of the gender polarity created plausibility structures in which the notion of gay ‘marriage’ began to make sense in Western society.

  • Gender, Morality and Modesty
    In this six-part series, I argue that the reductionism of gender and sexuality wrought by the materialistic worldview has resulted in the neutralization of gender and, consequentially, a new network of sexual taboos and repressions. In the process I make a case that being modest is actually more sexy than being immodest.

Next steps

Choose two or three of the resources Robin cites above. Share the articles with some Christian friends, then meet to discuss them. How can you help to resist this increasing tendency toward gender-neutrality in our own country?

For further insight into this topic consider purchasing Elisabeth Elliot’s book What's the Difference?: Manhood and Womanhood Defined According to the Bible from our online store.



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