T. M. Moore
T. M. MooreT. M. Moore is Dean of the Centurions Program of the Wilberforce Forum and Principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, a spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition (www.myparuchia.com). He is the author or editor of 20 books, and has contributed chapters to 4 others. His essays, reviews, articles, papers, and poetry have appeared in dozens of national and international journals, and on a wide range of websites. T. M. is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, and works with pastors and other men in ministry to improve their spiritual lives and ministry skills. His most recent books are Culture Matters (Brazos), The Hidden Life, a handbook of poems, songs, and spiritual exercises (Waxed Tablet, www.myparuchia.com), and Fault Lines, his first full book of poems (also from Waxed Tablet).

T. M. has served in a variety of ministry roles over the past 30 years, including, campus ministry, church planter, associate and senior pastor, seminary instructor and president, writer, editor, and consultant. He is well-known as a conference and workshop leader in the areas of church and leadership development, Biblical worldview, and the Christian’s role in culture and society. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri (1971) and Reformed Theological Seminary (1977) and has done additional post-graduate work at the University of Miami, the University of Pretoria, and the University of Wales, Lampeter.

He and his wife and editor, Susie, have four adult children and eleven grandchildren, and they make their home in Hamilton, VA. T. M. can be reached a nacurragh@aol.com.