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How to Do Deeper Study

Christian worldview is a fascinating study subject. but it is more than just intellectual. It is a path of discipleship to Christ. St. Paul says: "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." (Romans 12:2, New International Version). This verse says a lot. It speaks about a 'worldview,' the pressure towards conformity by the world, the renewing of our minds and the resultant transformation that comes to us in this process. Other passages in the new and old testaments speak clearly about the effect people with "renewed minds" have on their cultures and surroundings. Most of us know the verses. Jesus describes us as salt, light, and cities built on hills. God speaks of His people as beacons and lights to the nations.

In the final analysis, pursuing a Christian worldview is all about getting our minds detached from the worldview of the culture around us and getting firmly grounded in Christ's culture. But this is very difficult to do,especially in our message-saturated society. It takes commitment and preparation. And it takes study.

This section of Colson Center can serve as a guide to steer you to the resources for that deeper study.

One of the best places to get started and to find motivation is to join a network or a group. Your local church may have a discipleship study group,and these are often excellent.

...this is very difficult to do,especially in our message-saturated society.

To find a study of Christian worldview might be more difficult, however, because many local churches do not sponsor them. (Note - there is a great opportunity to help your church start small group studies in worldview by connecting with Colson Center's Centurions Program or by using some of our other worldview curriculum such as ViewPoint and Worldview Bible).



As we all know, online social media and virtual "discussions" are a huge phenomenon in our current culture. People are discussing all sorts of issues online, often with surprising effectiveness. This is particularly true in the political arena. Colson Center is committed to hosting and supporting valid Christian worldview discussions you can be a part of. Here is a partial list:

Blogs and Social Media sites