Worldview Spheres

Worldview Spheres represent the particular categories of truth, disciplines of study, and arenas of practice within which the Truth comes to light in human experience. These may be envisioned in various ways. For our purposes, we will consider eight Worldview Spheres, as follows:

Creation/EnvironmentCreation/Environment: the world of impersonal beings and matter which serves as the staging ground for life in community, i.e., the world of "nature" and the stewardship thereof

Religion/SpiritualityReligion/Spirituality: the ways and means by which the transcendent aspect of human experience comes to expression and finds fulfillment

icon_educationEducation/Development: the stages of maturation and the ways and means of personally improving ourselves for participation in the various worldview spheres and the world of truth

RelationshipsRelationships: the most basic human connections and interactions of family, friends, and acquaintances

Culture/InstitutionsCulture/Institutions: the artifacts, institutions, and conventions by which people define, sustain and enrich themselves

Science/TechnologyScience/Technology: the methods, procedures, and tools whereby human beings engage their environment and improve their lives in culture and community

Economics/VocationEconomics/Vocation: the ways and means by which people interact through culture with the creation, the community, and one another in order to contribute to individual and overall wellbeing through the production of goods services, and wealth

Community/GovernmentCommunity/Government: the norms, institutions, and protocols by and within which people prosecute their affairs, pursue relationships, create culture, and constitute societies

The challenge in learning to use these spheres is to understand their peculiar nature and purpose and to discover and practice the best ways of integrating them according to the requirements of truth.