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Christian Worldview Networks and Groups

The Christian worldview movement is a growing set of networks of churches, individuals and ministries. As we build these networks, your participation and input are vital.

FaceBook pages

We already have a number of FaceBook pages, and several have "fans" in the thousands. Your participation on these pages forms a network of sorts. It is especially amplified when you add your comments and share information on your own FaceBook page or other social platforms.

We encourage you to "like" FaceBook pages below and also to engage in conversation on them. This is a good start to networking.

Twitter Feeds

Online Groups

We have begun our first online community and will soon be starting a second one.  The first community is all about social media and is made up of members who are passionate about sharing Christian worldview information and links on their personal networks.  The second group, which will begin soon, will be a community of people interested in small group leadership.

The two communities we are beginning now are:

  • The Colson Center Social Media Online Community - existing
  • Small Group Leaders Community - starting soon

If you are interested in joining either of these communities, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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We presently have one active online community and another one getting ready to form.

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Centurions Groups

Our Centurions program already has very active groups meeting in many locations. Check with the Centurions program.

DTRT (Doing The Right Thing) Ethics Groups

Groups are teaching the Doing The Right Thing Ethics series all over the country and in several other nations. A national movement in ethics is starting. Look for more resources here on how you can be a part of this movement and facilitate groups where you live.

Go to the Doing The Right Thing Web site at