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Resources for Christian Worldview Movement Partners

Those of us at the Colson Center are excited to be part of a growing cadre of like-minded individuals, ministries, and organizations, that share and labor together in the movement to restore the integrity and fullness of the Christian worldview.

While maintaining separate identities or ministries, Movement Partners participate in the work of The Colson Center by:

1. Exploring and pursuing joint ministry projects and activities
2. Sharing schedules and resources as part of a growing network of worldview ministries
3. Praying and encouraging one another through a variety of media
4. Linking websites
5.Offering written, audio, and video resources for cataloging on The Colson Center Library
6. Sharing skills as writers, teachers, and prayer partners

For information about how you and your ministry or organization can join in this effort, email or call at 877-478-0100.

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Resources for Church Leaders

The central objective of the church has been spreading the Gospel and teaching people how to be followers Christ. Church leaders are called to be shepherds (Jer. 23:1-4; Eph. 4:11, 12), whose primary responsibility is to prepare all of God’s people for works of ministry (proclaiming the Good News). Church leaders are to equipped their parishioners/congregants by proclaiming, in word and deed, the excellencies of the Lord by:

1. Instructing Christ’s citizens in the ways of righteousness
2. Instructing and transmitting the Churches history, heritage, and vast cultural identity
3. Teaching members to be conduits of grace, truth, and comfort to the world
4. Helping members to develop a personal mission field through prayer, studying the Word, repentance, and walking in obedience to the Law.

(For a more detailed explaination, read T. M. Moore's "The Vision of the Church," and Chuck Colson's (1931 - 2012) "The Mission of the Church."

In order to aid one another in this effort, the Colson Center stands ready to assist local churches, pastors, lay leaders, seminarians, and other church leaders in their efforts by providing resources and links to other organizations.

  • The web site. This is a sister site, edited by and managed by experienced pastors and teachers.
  • The Christian Worldview Journal, edited by theologian T. M. Moore. Moore's materials are not only deep and theologically complete, but his experience as a seminary leader, counselor of pastors as well as dean of the national Centurions program shapes his writings and podcasts in a way uniquely helpful to church leaders.
  • Daily in-depth Scripture studies, presented in series, in the ViewPoint section of the Christian Worldview Journal.
  • In-depth Christian worldview training for clergy, staff, lay leaders, business leaders and others in the Centurions program.
  • A nationally-recognized ethics curriculum (released in the April, 2011) called Doing the Right Thing.
  • Other curriculum produced for youth, including Chuck Colson's (1931 - 2012) Wide Angle worldview series, and Rewired, a teen worldview curriculum.

For information about how you can join in this effort, call us today at 877-478-0100.

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Resources for Concerned Christians

Today many Christians are alarmed at the state of our culture, and want to contribute to redeem it. In order to do this, we must understand that we must fulfill Cultural Commission as well as the Great Commission. Developing a Christian worldview is not some ivory-tower exercise. It is crucial for every believer — affecting every choice we make. The doctrine of creation tells us that God made the world with a moral and physical order — that there are God-given norms for every aspect of creation. In other words, there isn’t a nook or cranny of the cosmos where God does not call His.

For more, read T. M. Moore's ViewPoint, "The Divine Economy: Charting a Course for the Game of Life."

In order to do fulfill this, it’s vital that Christians work toward understanding:

1. Knowing what a comprehensive Christian worldview looks like
2. Growing in virtue and the spiritual disciplines
3. Learning the Churches history, heritage, and vast cultural identity
4. Develop your own Personal Mission Field
5. Grow in the ability to present their worldview to their friends, neighbors, and others

Below is a partial list of resources available to concerned Christians on our network of web sites and social media sites. (For an alternate way of looking at our web sites, take a look at the list of our main subsites on the Get Started page.
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