Personal Religious Views Can Get You Fired

He was googled, then fired.

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My friend Frank Turek was hired by Cisco Systems in 2008 to conduct team building and leadership training. It was so well-received that his contract was extended and the training expanded.

But last month, Frank was fired when one of his students Googled him and found he had written a booklet critiquing same-sex marriage. Frank never mentioned the book or his personal views, and the manager -- who loved the training sessions -- never read the book or heard Frank talk about it at Cisco.

But he called human resources anyway, and in the name of diversity and inclusion, Frank was immediately fired -- for his personal religious views.

I’m hearing more stories like Frank’s all the time. This is why the Manhattan Declaration is so important. It clarifies the stance Christians must take on issues of life, marriage, and religious freedom no matter the price. Come to and read the Declaration and join the nearly half a million Christians who have signed it.

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