Monday, October 20, 2014
Re: Series
John Stonestreet

When you start in earnest to understand the Bible, the first question you should ask, says John Stonestreet, is “What is this book about?” The Answer: It’s “a unique interpretation of universal history...of the whole world and of the human race.” In John’s Re:Series called “The Big Picture: Grasping the Power of Scripture,” he outlines three major themes. First: God exists; second: humans answer to God (and not vice versa); and third: Jesus is King. If you get those things, you have the necessary starting point for grasping the whole Bible.

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Worldview Bible
T. M. Moore

The mission of Paul and Silas and Timothy to Europe continues as T. M. continues his Worldview Bible study in the book of Acts. From Berea to Athens to Corinth, Paul  continues to be led by the Spirit--adapting his methods (not the Gospel) to his audience. The Berean Jews are true seekers, so he leads them in study of the Word. Pagan Athens is full of philosophers; these men receive a critique of their worldview as well as basic Gospel teaching. And the Corinthian synagogue is hidebound, with the result that Paul takes his ministry to the Gentiles. This is not only history, it's how ministry is done.

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David Sincerbox

As David has reminded us in his InDepth series called “The True Lord’s Prayer,” John 17 contains the prayer that Jesus prayed for His disciples. Those disciples include not just the original eleven, but us as well—those who down through the generations believe because of them. And what does He ask for us? He asks the Father for our protection from the Evil One, for our mission to the world he inhabits, and for our unity. Those, and only those, are the qualities that identify us unmistakably as His disciples.

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Robert Lynn

Passing the Christian faith on to the next generation is always difficult. Each new generation seems to have a set of questions different from the previous one. In a Perspectives article called “When Our College Students Doubt,” you’ll discover what those questions are for many of today’s college students. They center around experience rather than knowledge or evidence, Robert reports. In this first in a mini-series, he says that the reality of God is “proved” by emotions and intense experiences.

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Diane Singer

Diane is an experienced short-term mission tripper who’s been to more places in the world than most. As she’s gone to these places, she reports in a 2013 Worldview article, she’s “collected” people to pray for: people who have heard the Gospel and are at various stages of comprehending and receiving it. As you read “From Every Nation” hopefully you, like she, will be reminded of the great throng from every nation who will one day stand before God’s throne and bow before Him. And then also, you’ll pray constantly, “Send me,” and remember to pray for those He places in your path.

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T. M. Moore

One of the most neglected aspects of Christ’s work is His ascension. The fact of His being seated at the Father’s right hand entails many things; the one that T. M. explores in this week’s ViewPoint is Christ’s promise to fill all things. He fills the entire cosmos with His power and rule; we in turn, being filled with Him,  fill the air with prayer. This is so that we might, as His agents, fill the world with “tokens of His steadfast love.” Our task? It’s to discover, pray over, and execute the Personal Mission Field Christ has entrusted to each one of us.

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Colson Files
Chuck Colson

If you look at Chuck’s writings and broadcasts during the last year of his life, you’ll see serious concern about the loss of religious freedom. In particular, he was concerned about how the health care debate over contraception was being willfully mis-reported. In a BreakPoint column he called “The Leading Edge of Tyranny: A Shameful Debate,” he noted how the push for free contraception was—and still is—being reported as denying women essential health services. The real issue here, Chuck said, was erosion of religious freedom, as some Christian employers did not wish to have certain contraceptives covered by their health care policies—and the Obama administration was forcing them to do so. Even though the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the employers, the battle continues.

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