Monday, May 25, 2015
Re: Series
John Stonestreet

How can I change into someone better, someone I know I should be? Give thanks, says the Scriptures.  And so does John Stonestreet in a Re:Series message he calls “Starting Over.” John encourages us to begin with what we the created owe God the Creator: gratitude. It’s a habit that takes practice. And this habit has cultural implications too. What if the church, whom Paul exhorted “in all things give thanks,” as a community, developed this practice? No telling—but we just might set the trend for our culture if we did.

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Worldview Bible
T. M. Moore

T. M.’s continues his Worldview Bible study on the psalms of Asaph with Psalm 76. Asaph reminds the people that they have a covenant relationship with God, which consists above all in His dwelling in their midst, in all His greatness and might. That's the good news. It's also the bad news, given the way things were headed in Asaph's day. God will not spare His people the judgment they deserve from failing to worship and serve Him as they should. But He will not abandon them either, so great is His love for them. Asaph's message to Israel: Renew your vows to the Lord, and serve Him as you should, before He breaks bad on you in most unhappy ways.

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Glenn Sunshine

Murder in the imperial court, intrigue, poison, pretenders and usurpers—all these are part of Glenn’s Perspectives column this week. In it you’ll learn about Alopen, a Persian missionary to China in the Seventh Century. Alopen’s chief contribution lay in his scholarly abilities, as through his writings and translations he convinced the Chinese emperor that Christianity was compatible with Chinese values. Palace upheaval jeopardized his work briefly; when order was restored, however, Alopen’s work endured in China for a full two centuries.

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David Sincerbox

It’s spring, and maybe it’s not just your garage that needs to be cleaned out. How about your mind? asks David in an InDepth article from 2013 he called “Cleaning Out the Storehouses of Our Minds.” For as we (hopefully) mature intellectually, we should every now and then examine our assumptions, our worldview, our perspective on life. Are we harboring ways of thought that are merely culturally based, or have we been rigorously and periodically cleaning out our mental storehouses, and acquiring the mind of Christ? Every now and then, check for dust and cobwebs.

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Robert Lynn

Words are God’s gift to us, reminds Bob, and therefore are to be stewarded. In his final Worldview installment on words (called “The Word Made Flesh: Why Our Words Matter to God,”) he offers some practical suggestions for doing just that: using our words well and wisely. After all, says James, even our words need to have some practical consequence. And since the power of life and death is contained in words (Prov. 18:21), we must choose what we take in and what we speak out very carefully.

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T. M. Moore

In 1 Corinthians 10:31 Paul exhorts us to glorify God in whatever we do, even the ordinary, everyday, mundane occupations and preoccupations of our lives. That’s the topic of the ViewPoint study this week. God can get glory in all our cultural activities, but we need to be prepared to make the most of our cultural involvements, to bring out the deeper meaning of all kinds of cultural activities, and to use these to point to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. "Whatever you do" means just that - whatever we do! We can glorify God, proclaim and make Him known, in even our most humble and routine activities. And since we can, we should.

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Colson Files
Chuck Colson

Christians constitute “one of the most politically modern, skilled, and educated communities in Iraq today,” according to a Breakpoint source. “Without a “sizeable non-Muslim minority, Iraqis who oppose an Islamic state will find their task all the more difficult. They will face even greater intimidation from Islamic extremists.” Chuck wrote those words in 2005! And in the decade since Muslim extremists began persecuting Iraqi Christians, it’s only gotten worse. Much worse—even the secular press has begun to take notice. The plea Chuck made in "Canaries in the Middle Eastern Coal Mine" are even more important: elect representatives who will fight for religious freedom in the Middle East.

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