Monday, April 25, 2016
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John Stonestreet and Eric Metaxas

Monday, April 18: Camping with Kids Across America (John Stonestreet)
Tuesday: Helping Senators Think More Clearly (Stonestreet)
Wednesday: Swearing off Smut (Eric Metaxas)
Thursday: No Tolerance for Religious Tolerance? (Stonestreet)
Friday: The Peculiar Story of Adam LaRoche (Stonestreet)

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The Colson Files
Chuck Colson: How to Speak to the Culture

John  Stonestreet replays an important BreakPoint broadcast in which Chuck Colson explains why we Christians have to be able to talk with our secular neighbors about today’s tough issues from a thoroughly biblical and Christian perspective—but without resorting to the words, “The Bible says . . .”

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Feature Article
Karen Swallow Prior: Charlotte Bronte, ‘Jayne Eyre’, and Me

Author and Liberty University Professor Karen  Swallow Prior marks the 200th birthday of Charlotte Bronte by  re-introducing us to Jayne Eyre. “When I met Jane Eyre for the first time,” Karen writes, “I met myself, too.”

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For Parents of Teens: The Culture Translator

Did you know that the world TV-episode-binge-watching record has been broken and that the last two cell phone-free places on earth (the movie theater and the shower) may soon succumb to the device’s omnipresence? explains why you should know about these events—and how you can stay on top of your child’s online life.

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Internally Displaced Person
Roberto Rivera: Those Who Are with Us (Whether We See Them or Not)

Roberto Rivera comments on all the hand-wringing over the “decline of Christianity in America.” First, he argues, Christianity is not in decline—but its face is changing. Second, Roberto prays that God would “open our eyes that we may see” the heavenly host that is arrayed before us.

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Signs and Wonders
Warren Cole Smith

Warren tells us what a SAGE Con is, and why the media would mislead the public about North Carolina's bathroom law and at the same time remain mum when it comes to reporting the heroic work of Christian organizations when disasters strike.

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Worldview Bible
Jim Tonkowich

Jim Tonkowich begins the next “Worldview Bible” study series by turning to the prophet Nehemiah—who was born among the exiles in Babylon, but whose heart belonged in Jerusalem.

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