Monday, May 23, 2016
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John Stonestreet and Eric Metaxas

Monday, May 16: Bathrooms, Biology, & Government Overreach (John Stonestreet)
Tuesday: Sometimes a Question is Better than an Answer (Stonestreet)
Wednesday: The Nuns Fought the Law (and the Nuns Won) (Eric Metaxas)
Thursday: Five Things You Can Do About Transgender Bathrooms (Metaxas)
Friday: Inviting Your Questions (Stonestreet)

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The Colson Files
Monsters of Our Own Making: Undercutting Human Potential

You may have seen in the news that as a result of a possible state-run doping operation, many are calling for banning Russian athletes from the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Closer to home, another Major League Baseball star gets an 80-game suspension for using a banned substance. Back in 2008, Chuck Colson took a Christian worldview look at the problem of steroids and hero worship.

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Internally Displaced Person
Roberto Rivera: The Frequency of Hope

One of Roberto Rivera’s favorite “smallish” movies was the 2000 film “Frequency,” in which a son is accidentally and mysteriously reunited with his departed (as in deceased) father. With the arrival of a new TV series based on the movie, Roberto worries as only he can that the hopeful and miraculous tone of the original will be lost. Roberto’s wistful and witty take, here.

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Youth Reads
Gina Dalfonzo: “Wink Poppy Midnight” Review

For several years now, Gina Dalfonzo and other Christian authors have reviewed young adult literature in our “Youth Reads” section of The idea is this: Help parents understand popular youth literature and steer their children to the good stuff. This week, Gina reviews the popular “Wink Poppy Midnight,” which Gina calls a story “about kids who are in way over their heads.” Check out why you might want to steer your teens away from this one.

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For Parents of Teens: The Culture Translator

More evidence from our friends at that Christian parents need to know what their children are encountering in the culture: This week’s Culture Translator looks at “Game of Thrones,” Justin Timberlake’s latest song, and “NationalSendaNude” day, which promoted sexting.

Also from The Family Conversation Kit, produced with John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell. This four-part, downloadable series includes video teaching, with examples from popular culture to discuss with your kids, along with tons of resources to look at together. And it offers something absolutely necessary: a clear description of God’s created intent for us as image-bearers, male and female, and how that enables His vision for sex and marriage. To order your copy, visit. Proceeds will benefit and BreakPoint.

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Signs and Wonders
Warren Cole Smith

This week, Warren discusses the major victory for religious freedom and the Little Sisters of the Poor at the Supreme Court, bias at Facebook, the horrors of socialism, and the legacy of Christian business giant Howard Kauffmann.

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Worldview Bible
Jim Tonkowich

Jim Tonkowich examines the oath taken by the priests of Jerusalem at the insistence of Nehemiah. What did an oath mean in Old Testament times, and what does an oath mean now—in a culture where “keeping our options open” is a top priority.

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