Monday, September 22, 2014
Re: Series
John Stonestreet

Sometimes Christians seem embarrassed when the morals of post-modernity conflict with those of the Bible. All too often we silence ourselves, thinking that acts of service will somehow speak loud enough to win people to Christ. But that doesn't work, says John Stonestreet in a video from earlier this year. In "The Walk Plus the Talk: Why Truth and Love Are Inseparable,” he explains why. There's no need to make this "devil's bargain"—for the truth of the Bible needs no apology.

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Worldview Bible
T. M. Moore

As the book of Acts progresses, there’s a major shift in emphasis. Whereas the first evangelistic outreaches rightly focused on the Jews, the Spirit is now prompting churches to “set aside and send” trained missionaries to the Gentile world. From Acts 13, T. M. focuses his Worldview Bible studies on Saul/Paul’s and Barnabas’ first formal missionary journey. In this study you’ll see how they tailor their message to the worldview of their hearers—but never compromising the Word. And you’ll also read about the successes of, and opposition to, their work.

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Robert Lynn

In Perspectives this week, Robert begins a three-part series on what he calls living liminally. What’s that? It’s when you live in a time when the culture you’re used to is declining, and a new culture is takins its place. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s where we are in the 21st-century western church. And it requires a response from us, individually and corporately. We must “sing the songs of Zion” in an unfamiliar place, for we in a sense are exiles and strangers in our own country.

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Diane Singer

While America in 2014 is far from Germany in 1938, some see similarities in how both governments make the Christian faith harder and harder to practice publically. In a repeat of a Worldview column from last year called “In the Thick of Foes,” Diane reviews Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. It’s the story of the seminary he founded, and how he and his students banded together to keep their faith strong in the face of severe opposition. Could that experiment in community have something to say to our time and place?

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David Sincerbox

In what David calls the “true Lord's prayer,” i.e. Jesus' prayer in John 17, Jesus mentions the world several times. By this He means the realm of human activity that opposes God, and which is in Satan's control. But Jesus simply prays for our protection, not our removal from the world. This means we're on mission, writes David in InDepth this week. Our calling is to live in the world, be part of it, love it.

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T. M. Moore

If you’ve ever wanted a crash course in how government, this is it! Often our discussions of politics devolve into what should or shouldn’t be law. In other words, much heat but little light. In this week’s ViewPoint studies, T. M. tackles “The Limits of Politics.” He shows what government is for, what it’s not; what it can do, what it must do, and what it must not do. This week you’ll get the basics of what the Bible teaches about politics: government, authority, and responsibility. And—good reasons to uphold politics as a “noble science.”

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Colson Files
Chuck Colson

Chuck often decried the fact that so many kids who grow up in Christian homes abandon their faith in college. Fact is, secular worldviews in colleges prevail almost universally. But at least one group is counter-attacking: Radio Christi. In a BreakPoint called "Taking on the Spaghetti Monster" from 2012, Chuck describes how this student-led group provides fellow students with the means to defend Christianity as a rational faith. Interested? Check out They're strong and growing.

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