Monday, November 17, 2014
Re: Series
John Stonestreet

How do you like Jesus—a mystic? a sage? a baby in the manger? Sorry, says John Stonestreet in a Re:Series video from 2013 called “Jesus: The Rescuer of Sinners.” Jesus is who the Bible portrays Him: He came to rescue the human race from sin, from Satan’s bondage, from evil. We aren’t free to pick and choose “what kind of Jesus” we like. He came as our Savior, and our choices are to accept or reject Him, not to remake Him in our own image.

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Worldview Bible
T. M. Moore

Just as Luke in his Gospel showed Jesus’ ministry ending in Jerusalem, so now in Acts he shows Paul at the beginning of a long journey to Rome. These cities have both symbolic as well as practical significance. In this week’s Worldview Bible T. M. takes us through the beginning of Paul’s various legal trials in Acts 22 – 24. Here we see the Lord’s plans for Paul unfolding through what seems like normal human activity, some of it even illegal and dishonest. Through the actions of the various parties—Paul, the Jews, and the Roman authorities—we get a glimpse of God’s sovereign hand in human affairs. Which will result with Paul in Rome, just as He wanted.

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Robert Lynn

In the third and final part of “When Our College Students Doubt,” in Perspectives, Bob gives some answers to the craving for experience that our children are instilled with. Worship services don’t need to be—and shouldn’t try to be—productions geared toward emotions only. When rightly understood and entered into, worship (both personal and corporate) is full of opportunities for God to provide the experience of Himself. Just as He promised. For, as Bob writes, “We have a God who comes to lunch.”

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Glenn Sunshine

What’s our relationship to the Law of Moses? Not easy to answer that question fully, but Jesus made the essentials pretty clear when He responded to the question about the most important law: Love God, love others. And this was nothing new, says Glenn in the second of his InDepth columns called “Gospel and Law.” The Old Testament prophets foresaw the New being the law written on the hearts of God’s people. The law may be fulfilled in Jesus, but He Himself said that it would never be done away with. Yes, the Law of Moses is deeply embedded in the Gospel!

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Diane Singer

Next month will see the release of the third and final film in The Hobbit trilogy. Just before the second one came out last year, Diane took the opportunity in a Worldview article to talk about the superb craftsmanship that went into making Peter Jackson’s movies about Middle Earth. Now, while Jackson may enjoy a world stage, none of us lacks some talent(s), given by God, to be used to honor Him. Just as the first artist mentioned in the Bible (Bezalel, who supervised the building of the tabernacle) was both gifted and hardworking, so our own commitment to producing things of excellence should be a mark of our Christian faith.

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T. M. Moore

Last week three people in Fort Lauderdale were arrested for feeding homeless people, contrary to that city’s ordinance. Were they right to defy the government? T. M. takes up the issue of disobedience to governments in this week’s ViewPoint studies. In a continuation from last week’s “Truth to Power” theme, “When not to Obey” addresses such matters as  when to speak against governments, when to resist their power, and our willingness to bear the consequences of opposition. Our stance, like that of Peter, must be “We must obey God rather than men.”

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Colson Files
Chuck Colson

Bet you didn’t know that you have or have had a mental illness! A few years ago the National Institutes of Mental Health reported that 46% of adults had met the criteria for mental illness at some point in their lifetime. Among these conditions, reported Chuck in a 2012 BreakPoint broadcast: grief! Hogwash! he says in “Being Human: Grief is Not a Mental Illness.” Grief is a normal response to loss, and it needs to be met with compassion, not medication or therapy. How did we get to such nonsense? Like just about all issues, it begins with worldview. See the transcript, or listen, for Chuck’s response.

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