Monday, June 20, 2016
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John Stonestreet and Eric Metaxas

Monday, June 13: Evangelical Angst (John Stonestreet)
Tuesday: In the Wake of Orlando (Stonestreet)
Wednesday: If You Can Keep It (Eric Metaxas)
Thursday:  Mr. Moore Goes to Chicago (Metaxas)
Friday: Man Cubs Need Their Fathers (Metaxas)

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The Colson Files
An Unexpected Totalitarianism: The Tyranny of Tolerance

In this commentary from 2010, Chuck Colson explains what exactly “totalitarianism” is—and how easy it would be for a “tolerant” America to lapse into it. Timely reading.

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Internally Displaced Person
Roberto Rivera: There Is No Take

Within hours of the Orlando massacres, pundits of all stripes went to the airwaves and ether to give their “take” on the tragedy. Guns, jihadists, hate, immigration, and on and on. In this moving column, Roberto Rivera claims there is no take—but there are two things that Christians should do when something like this occurs.

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Signs and Wonders
Warren Smith: Christian Colleges, the American Caliphate, and Teaching Transgender

Warren discusses California targeting religious schools, the "American Caliphate," teaching Washington State kindergarteners about transgenderism, and Tinder banning teens.

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For Parents of Teens: The Culture Translator

Every week, puts out “The Culture Translator” to help the parents understand what their teens are encountering in the culture. In honor of Fathers’ Day, Axis points us to a beautiful and inspiring commercial produced by Gillette—the razor company—entitled “Go Ask Dad.” You need to see it.

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BreakPoint This Week
John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer

After the worst domestic terrorist attack in over a decade, America is still reeling and deeply divided. John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer offer perspective for Christians unsure how to respond. We hope you tune in.

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Worldview Bible
Jim Tonkowich

Jim Tonkowich takes us through Nehemiah, chapter 8, to understand that the “primary context for reading and understanding the Bible is in the community of God’s people as they worship.”

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