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About the Theme of the Week
Each week on Colson, BreakPoint Radio and, and other channels we publish a great deal of new content around a vital theme. The ReSeries, John Stonestreet's video commentary, is often (but not always) the cornerstone of the weekly theme.

Theme of the Week: The Image and Human Dignity


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights..."

These words represent a view of humankind significantly out-of-sync with the majority of human history. Where did the American founders get the the idea that all people are of equal value by virtue of their creation, when it seems so obvious that everyone is different in size, strength, sex, nationality, appearance, intelligence and a whole host of other factors? What was it that informed this historic and high ideal, even if the founders themselves didn't fully live up to it?

The answer, says John Stonestreet in this week's "ReSeries" video, lies in the Christian view of man, and how radically different it is from all other worldviews. As tehologian T. M. Moore points out in his most recent "Talking Points," atheism and the Darwinian view of man cannot account for altruistic instincts which run counter to the interests of survival. And John Stonestreet reminds us this week that no other religion can substantiate a claim to human equality.

As Rodney Stark argues in his book, "The Victory of Reason," Christianity, particularly its affirmation that all people are created in the image and likeness of God, has been transforming cultures for thousands of years. Even in its earliest days, the Church refused to accept female infanticide and exposure of unwanted children in the Roman Empire. And its influence has been felt in every period since then, abolishing slave trades, ending sex trafficking, and fighting oppression of all typesall on the basis of the Bible's affirmation that all people are image-bearers, infinitely valuable in the eyes of God.

We hope you'll check out the resources below from throughout our family of websites, and invite your family, friends, and church members into this conversation about one of Christianity's greatest and most enduring legacies—and why we must fight to maintain it.

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