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About the Theme of the Week
Each week on Colson, BreakPoint Radio and, and other channels we publish a great deal of new content around a vital theme. The ReSeries, John Stonestreet's video commentary, is often (but not always) the cornerstone of the weekly theme.

Theme of the Week: Sexual Insanity


With the announcement last month by the Obama Administration that it would no longer enforce laws prohibiting minors from purchasing emergency contraceptives like Plan B, our culture may have crossed a major boundary. Children who would once have fallen under the protection and guidance of their parents have now obtained a freedom from the federal government which no prior generation experienced. Girls as young as pre-teens, who aren't yet old enough to have their ears pierced without parental consent, can now purchase abortion-inducing drugs over-the-counter by themselves, no questions asked.

As John Stonestreet argues in this week's "ReSeries" video commentary, this move marks the latest chapter in a long line of legislation and court decisions aimed at sexualizing children at ever younger ages, by removing the outward consequences and barriers to sexual activity. "This," John says, "is as insane as it sounds. In the name of sexual freedom, we're losing our minds."

But this does more than enable minors to enjoy risk-free sex. As John points out, it also eliminates one of the surest warning signs of exploitation, leaving young girls more vulnerable than ever to sexual abuse and forced prostitution. "Under the previous policy," he says, "when consequences of illegal or risky sexual behavior arose, at least there was a medical professional who could spot it and do something about it. Not anymore."

Colson Center theologian T. M. Moore believes this shocking move toward liberating children from their parents' guidance actually turns them, in some measure, into wards of the state, with self-appointed pedagogues in black robes robbing parents of authority and claiming it for themselves.

What are we supposed to do?

Well first, we've got to understand the problem, says John. And he shares some of the root causes, including easy access to sexual material, early exposure, increased privacy, and the trivialization of marriage. "We're not just dealing with a moral slip," he argues. "We're dealing with a new cultural realitya culture in which sexuality is broken."

If we understand that, we may just be able to make a difference in the lives of our children, and in the life of our culture, as well. Be sure to watch this week's "ReSeries" video for more, and let us know how you're combating the sexual insanity of our time, and how at the Colson Center can help you succeed.

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