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About the Theme of the Week
Each week on Colson, BreakPoint Radio and, and other channels we publish a great deal of new content around a vital theme. The ReSeries, John Stonestreet's video commentary, is often (but not always) the cornerstone of the weekly theme.

Theme of the Week: Can Evil Lead Us to God?


It seems like our memories are saturated right now with tragedies far too recent and frequent. Mass-shootings, natural disasters beyond count, terrorist attacks, brutal conflicts around the globe and loss of life on a heartbreaking scale have peppered the last few years. Amid these horrors we may find ourselves asking, along with the minds which gave birth to modernism over two centuries ago, "where has God gone?" After all, if He is all good and all powerful, how could He allow such evil and suffering?

But this question misses the glaring reality that God is not the perpetrator of much of what most grieves us in this world, like school shootings, genocide and acts of terrorism. Human beings are. And when we come to grips with the fact that the most appalling violence usually springs from people and cultures which reject the Christian God, we will have to admit that human reason and autonomy are dead-end streets.

As John Stonestreet points out in this week's edition of "ReEngage," Western civilization tried abandoning God and creating its own morality, and it resulted in the bloodiest era of human history. In the wake of the monstrosities of World War II, Communism, and even movements here at home like eugenics, postmodern man is bitter and disillusionedperhaps even willing to accept the idea that truth and morality are unknowable, and content to live in a world which razes all absolute claims beneath the indifferent bulldozer of tolerance.

But there is another way. And as John Stonestreet explains, it doesn't involve giving up on right and wrong. As Christy McDougall contends in a recent series of feature articles here at the Colson Center, evil hasn't caught God by surprise. In fact, He's chosen to experience it Himself, and came in the form of a man to take the very worst the world and the Curse had to offer.

So whether natural evil in the form of disasters or human evil in the form of violence confronts us, we have a choice other than moral apathy. We can re-embrace the God who infused our hearts with the knowledge of right and wrong, and flee to the only means He has provided for making sense of evil and suffering: the Cross of Christ.

As we approach Holy Week, we hope you'll take advantage of the resouces below to more fully grasp and apply the Christian worldview and its redemption story. We also hope you'll check out our new Easter study series, "He Has Risen," which you can purchase at the Colson Online Bookstore.

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